How To Clear Up Body Acne

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Many people who suffer from adult acne are used to seeing the occasional blemish pop up on their faces. While pimples are never a welcome sight, clearing them away is fairly straightforward with a proper arsenal of products and a healthy skin care routine. However, finding zits on other parts of your body — such as your chest, back and shoulders — can be horrifying, since they’re not usually a common sight, and the thicker skin may not allow your usual acne treatment to work as well. Luckily getting rid of blemishes on your chest or back is not difficult, and with proper prevention habits, you can keep that bacne from coming back.

In all actuality, body acne and back acne are exactly the same as the outbreaks you see on your face. Blemishes are caused when pores are clogged, thanks to sebum, or oil, that your skin produces. Of course, bacne can be exacerbated by your daily habits; wearing tight-fitting clothing that is made of non-breathable fabrics can trap sweat and oil on the skin. Not cleansing the skin after sweating or exercising and leaving sweaty clothes on can also have this effect. In addition, some fabrics are just more irritating to the skin than others, and can prevent you from effectively getting rid of acne.

If you’ve noticed pimples on your back, arms or chest, how do you go about getting rid of acne fast? You may consider using a similar method as you would on your face, though your facial skin is more delicate than that on the rest of your body, so your bacne may be able to withstand stronger products.

When healing acne, the first thing you need to do is clear the area and make sure skin is as clean and free of debris — such as excess oil and dead skin cells — as possible. A good exfoliation is able to do this, so grab some body scrub and either a long-handled scrub brush for your back, or a clean, nubby washcloth for your chest or anywhere else you don’t have trouble reaching. Apply the scrub to your brush or cloth, and massage the skin gently in circles. After a few minutes of light scrubbing, hop in the shower and rinse the scrub off your skin.

While you’re in the shower, let the warm water open up your pores, and suds up with shower gel (or if your dermatologist has prescribed it, a medicated cleanser). Rinse off when you’re done. Finish your regular shower routine, then pat dry with a clean towel.

Finally, apply a spot treatment such as a topical gel or healing gel on the area. If your bacne is in location where you have trouble reaching, you may need to wrap a clean washcloth around the end of your long-handled brush, slick some of your treatment onto the washcloth and rub it around on your back to cover it.

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