How To Clear Up Acne-Ridden Teenage Skin

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Being a teenager is hard enough without worrying about getting rid of acne. Learning how to drive, trying to pass all those advanced-level classes, keeping up with extracurricular for improved college admission chances, and complete insecurity to boot? Itís almost too much to handle. Thankfully healing your acne and gaining back some self-confidence is absolutely possible with a good routine and proper skincare.

Wash your face.
Acne is caused by the sebum, or oil, that your body produces. When the sebum clogs your pores, a blemish such as a whitehead or blackhead appears. Because the hormones in your body are changing when youíre a teenager, your skin may be prone to producing more oil than normal, and this excess oil, if not removed, will cause breakouts. This is why itís necessary to use a mild face wash every morning and night to remove the oil, bacteria and dirt that can exacerbate acne. Gently cleanse your skin with a small amount of face wash on your hands or a soft washcloth, but avoid rough scrubbing or face scrubs that contain beads, as these can irritate your skin and make breakouts worse.

Unfortunately, this is the step that many teens skip. After you use a face wash to remove your facial oils, the skin may be dry. If it feels dry, your skin may try to make up for a lack of moisture by producing even more excess oil. And just because you have oily skin is no reason to not use moisturizers! No matter what your skin type is, simply choose lightweight, water-based moisturizers to keep skin hydrated without weighing it down. Apply your moisturizers every time you wash your face.

Donít touch your skin.
During the day, your complexion may begin to feel greasy. Keep your hands away from your skin! Getting rid of acne isnít possible if youíre constantly touching your face, since then oil lingers on your fingers and is transferred to other parts of your face the next time you touch your skin. The only times your digits should come anywhere near your face is when youíre using your face wash or moisturizers before bed or first thing when you wake up. If you need to remove oil during the day, utilize a blotting sheet to pat the oil away.

Use an acne treatment.
In some extreme circumstances, youíll need more than a hands-free habit and a good routine to find a cure for acne. If your zits just wonít quit, you should talk to your dermatologist about potentially getting a medicated acne treatment or medicated face wash to use. Typically, these treatments include ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which help reduce acne blemishes. Alternatively, your dermatologist may have other solutions that might work for getting rid of acne for your particular skin.

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