How To Clear Air Ducts

By: James Marshell


Air ducts are normally situated on the roof or on the top side of the wall and to reach there you would need a step ladder. If you donít have one, you can buy from home depot or you can borrow it from someone. Ensure that the ladder is strong enough and is in great condition. Ladderís grip on the ground is also very important so there isnít a chance of slipping.

When buying or borrowing a ladder, you need to make sure of two things only Ė first you can access the air ducts comfortably and second your safety.


Air ducts are like a long tunnel so you will need a brush with a long enough handle to operate. You can purchase this type of brush from where you buy hand tools. For great results, buy a brush with stiff bristles that fits the duct ideally. Stiff bristles (hair of the brush) will make sure that the debris and the dust falls off the walls of the duct so you can suck it up with a vacuum later on. A brush that fits the duct ideally will ensure that the bristles on the brush are in contact with the walls of the duct all the time.

Although you would be using hand brushes most of the time, it would be interesting to know that there are electric brushes available in the market that make the jobs easier and much more convenient. So if money is not a problem for you, you can try one of them as well. You can also find electric brushes at places where they sell refurbished power tools.


After the above procedure, it is time to collect all the dust and dirt and to do that there is nothing better than a vacuum. There are vacuum cleaners that would fit on the mouth of the duct generating negative air flow to suck the dirt up. You can also use vacuums with long pipes that can go into the air duct to clean the mess up.

Make sure that the vacuum you are using has a High Efficiency Particle Absorption (HEPA) technology; otherwise, there is a solid chance that you are going to pollute and contaminate the air in the room with dust and dirt particles.

If the air ducts are in an office or a house that hasnít been used for quite a while, there would be tons of dust in the ducts. To clean that you may need pressure washers. You can also use pressure washers when air ducts have been contaminated by toxic materials and chemicals.

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