How To Choose The Right Soap Dispenser

By: Sean Glynn

The variety of choice of dispenser facing the hospitality industry is astonishing. However a little thought about your needs for your establishment will reap dividends in terms of cost and perceptions of value.
What material will you use? Plastic, recyclable plastic, zinc, copper, stainless steel?

What size dispenser do you need? Is it for the shower room or bathroom in your guest house or hotel room? Will it be for the toilets in a public area? The use of the dispenser will vary greatly. A small soap dispenser container in the public toilet will not last very long!!

Will you choose an automatic dispenser which is becoming more popular? Or will you go for the traditional simplicity of manual dispensers. The automatic dispensers have a real advantage when considering hygiene as there is no contact with the dispenser by the user.

The dispenser with a copper front is even better in that respect as it kills all known hospital acquired diseases. This is from research work done at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK.

Soap dispensers can be wall-mounted, free standing or recessed. Wall-mounted dispensers are the majority choice of hotels and guest houses as they are easy to clean, easily accessible and easy to refill. They also provide good economy.

If you go for a wall mounted soap dispenser then check that it is easy to mount; that there are pre-cut holes; that it comes with the necessary screws and rawl plugs. This all saves time and money.

Free standing dispensers often disappear as many clients see them as a freebie!

Wall recessed dispensers can look sleek but there is often a problem for the housekeeper in refilling them.

The size of the reservoir for your soap dispenser is critical. If is too small then you are forever spending time filling it. If it is too large you run the risk of allowing the soap to age.

Soap dispensers that provide refillable cartridges are very popular. They don’t drip and nothing is wasted as all the product is used to the bottom of the cartridge. You also get a measured quantity at each squeeze.

Soap for soap dispensers usually comes in liquid form and is the most widely used form of soap. Powdered soap is far more in demand when there is real grime as they provide more cleaning power.

When considering liquid soap then it is important that you can see the complete list of ingredients. Being “green” is no longer a small add-on. It is now essential in the hospitality industry. Make sure that the cosmetics in the liquid soap are bio-degradable and that the cartridges are recyclable.

With your guests in mind it is essential that your liquid soap has a neutral pH factor. The last thing you want is to be sued by a dissatisfied customer claiming he got his rash from using your soap from your beautiful sleek soap dispenser!

When your guest enters the bathroom what impression will be created? All the time, thought and effort you have put into researching the best type of dispenser for your guest is wasted if you do not have a clean, good looking dispenser dispensing a quality liquid, mild to use, that has balanced ingredients, is easy to refill and kind to the environment yet it is long lasting and functional.

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By Sean Glynn
(Dispenser | Soap Dispenser) Self appointed soap expert.

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