How To Build Muscles Effectively

By: Chris Chew

So you want to build muscles to look like superman. So you hit the gym frequently to workout your muscles. Two months down the road, you still look more or less the same without increasing any muscle mass. Why?

This is because in order to build muscles effectively, you will need to know the science of building muscles. You must know exactly what to do in order to get those toned and defined muscles. If not, you will be wasting your time in the gym or worse, even develop bodybuilding injuries because you did not approach it in a scientific way.

That said, do you know that there are a few types of different muscle fibers? Some of these fibers have the ability to grow big and provide you with massive strength while others such as endurance muscle fibers are likely to remain small but allow you to use them for many hours.

Now can you imagine what will happen if you spend most of your time in the gym working out on these smaller type muscle fibers? Do you really expect to grow big when you are doing this?

I am not saying that these smaller muscle fibers cannot increase in size, on the contrary, you can make, it is just that you need to train them a little differently. Your calves and forearms muscles are such examples.

Many a times, when people's workout methods are wrong and their muscles don't grow, they pin it down on genetics. Have you ever heard people exclaiming, "Oh, my muscles are not growing poor genes." Then they whine and whine about how their parents and siblings are also small built. So it is probably the genes.

Whining about your "genetics" does nothing but instilling into your brain that "you won't be able to build nice muscles." And you know what? With the law of attraction, then you really won't be able to build big muscles because you will not be working out hard enough or find out more about the science of building muscles since you think that you are in a hopeless at building muscles. Then why on earth do you go to the gym for?

While you may not be able to become a professional bodybuilder, there is no reason you why you can't build a handsome muscular body. You can still build reasonably big of muscles and get ripped, regardless of your genes.

What will allow to build bigger muscles will be two things. How smart you work and how hard you work. If you are working out smart and hard, you will be unbeatable in getting that fabulous body which you dream about. To work smart, then you must know the science of bodybuilding and not just to lift weights randomly. You must also know how to eat correctly to feed and boost muscle growth.

So if you really and seriously want to build a body of your dream, then you must study the science of bodybuilding or hire a personal trainer to help you build muscles effectively.

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