How To Build Lean Muscle Mass: My Story

By: Sean Nalewanyj

If you had asked me what I wanted to change about myself, the answer would have been my body… I would do just about anything to pack some muscle onto my skinny frame, considering that I was weighing in at a pathetic 125 pounds and felt totally insecure.

Forget being strong and muscular, I just wanted to feel like I wasn't a toothpick compared to everyone else! Maybe I wasn't as thin as I imagined back then, but it didn't matter.

Afraid to show my arms, or take my shirt off, my confidence was down in the dumps. ...In a shocking instant, it happened.

One day as I obsessed over my reflection, I understood just how miserable I was with my appearance. Something inside me just clicked. It was on that very day that I decided it was time to change and learn how to build lean muscle mass.

No more talking; it was time to start working and do something about my small frame. Talking never built anyone muscles.

It was time to learn how to build lean muscle mass, no matter what the obstacles, how hard it was, or how long it took. I committed to getting huge and that was what was going to happen.

After reading about everything on how to build lean muscle mass, I started working out. It took a lot of time and experimentation, but ultimately I figured out how to build lean muscle mass.

There were many times when working out would be the last thing I felt like doing, but it didn't matter; I dragged my ass to the gym and lifted. I had promised myself I would do it, so I just kept going.

I started gaining weight.

In the first few months, I managed to achieve 15 pounds of solid muscle. It was persistence and the hard work I had spent mastering how to build lean muscle mass that finally made it happen.

I kept on training and I kept on eating. I had moved past where I was and I was not about to quit.

Naturally, I hit some bumps along the way. I wasn't going to quit no matter how tough it was.

In order to hit my goal, I did the things that I hated doing the most. Training when I wanted to go to bed, eating when I just wanted to chill, tucking myself in when I wanted to stay up.

As the months went by, my size continued to grow. Suddenly, I could walk around with confidence. I just kept going at it.

Even to this day, I'm still training, and I'm still improving. I can truly say that learning how to build lean muscle mass was the greatest choice I've ever made in my entire life.

I have become a stronger person on the outside and within. I am now confident with the way I look. I don't hide my body in baggy clothes and I have no problem taking my shirt off.

My life has completely changed for the better. If you want to know how to build lean muscle mass, one piece of advice I can give you is do not quit.

Do NOT quit, no matter what.

If you don't give up, bodybuilding has the power to do so much for you and you will be eternally grateful that you kept going. It truly is incomparable.

I can't begin to tell you how much it will give you back.

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