How To Be A Successful Camper This Summer

By: Larry Gilliam

Have you seen them? People of all types, all ages, religions, sizes - out on the road, traveling to their favorite outdoor destination? They are all folks who have discovered just how fun outdoor living can be. Perhaps you would like to be one of them, or perhaps you have tried camping in the past and made some mistakes. That's OK - we're here to tell you: you can be a better camper this summer!

What's the best place to start? Well, how about your outdoor headquarters - the place where you will live, sleep, and even play. I'm talking, of course, about shelter. Where will you live? In the outdoors, your basic choices are two: a trailer or a tent. A tent is much cheaper, of course, but is not such a great option if you are going to be camping in an area where the weather often turns bad. Tents are available in a multitude of sizes and types, everything from the one-man tent for outdoor wilderness adventures, to enormous family sized units. But if you are going camping in wet, rainy or snowy weather - or where it is cold - then a great alternative is the camping trailer.

If your preference is for a trailer, again you will find many different models to choose from: small pop-ups and motorcycle trailers, all the way up to RV's and park models loaded with every possible convenience. All-in-all, I prefer the trailer for camping in inclement weather. I have had the misfortune to be stuck living in a tent for week when it rained every day - not fun, I can tell you! If you are hesitant to purchase a trailer because of the cost, look into purchase of a good used camping trailer. Many RV dealers sell used as well as new units.

Once you have your shelter squared away, perhaps the next question to ponder is: Where will you cook in the outdoors? If you have purchased a trailer with a built-in kitchen, this will be a non-issue, as you will have a place to cook. However, if you have purchased a tent, then perhaps you should also think about purchasing a good camp stove.

If you will need a camp stove, you can get a very simple unit - there are lightweight units designed for backpacking and mountaineering that only weigh a few ounces. Or you can get something more elaborate - some camping stoves even come equipped with ovens so that you can bake a meatloaf, casserole dish, or birthday cake outside! And don't forget to buy the necessary accessories, such as attachment griddles, replacement grills, lights for nighttime cooking, utensils and replacement parts for maintenance.

What else will you need to take on your wilderness trek? Well, consider this: when you need to spend some time sitting at your campsite, what will you sit on? Take it from me: let the kids sit on the old logs and tree stumps - you need something more comfortable than that! One of your wisest purchases will be a good camping chair. The latest models are both lightweight and very sturdy - capable of holding hundreds of pounds of weight, and they won't collapse!

There is one more necessity that you just can't afford to be without: a good camping first aid kit. Again, I must share my experience with you: if you are out-of-doors, in a wilderness area, and a medical emergency arises, YOU are the doctor. A camping first aid kit will help you treat injuries like snake bites, or broken bones, as well as the simple stuff like sunburn and bee stings. People's lives have been saved because someone thought to bring a camping first aid kit along - don't forget yours!

It's a safe bet that once you have selected the proper shelter you will use, outfitted your outdoor kitchen, have some comfy chairs, and are prepared for first aid emergencies, that you will be more prepared than ever to hit the trails and have some camping fun. As always, select products that are good-quality, buy from a reputable dealer, ask about warranties, and don't forget to comparison shop. Don't rush in to making purchases (especially for things like trailers and tents) - you might want to spend time this year researching for next year's purchase. And don't forget to have fun camping in the outdoors this summer!

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