How To Avoid A Hangover

By: Fiona Muller

Everyone likes a glass of wine or two but every so often there is the occasion where you find that you have drunk a little too much. You end up saying that you will never touch a glass of wine again and have a sore head for the following day. For me this usually lasts a few days and then I am back into the routine of having a glass of wine and it usually depreciates from there. So is there a way of avoiding the inevitable hangover?

The most obvious answer is yes, just don’t drink. However I like a glass of wine and like most people see drinking as a social thing. In fact I rarely find that I have drunk way too much it is just that odd occasion where it all goes wrong.

There are several ways to get a really horrid hangover – one is to mix your drinks and the other is to drink without eating. Avoiding both of these will mean that your hangover is tempered slightly.

In addition to not mixing you drinks – that is if you started drinking wine do not at any cost switch to vodka half way through the evening – you should also not mix wines. If possible stick to the same wine throughout the evening and definitely stick to the same colour wine, unless you are sitting down to a five course meal with a different wine for each course. In this case I think the heavy food will keep you up all night anyway so whatever you drink will make no difference whatsoever.

Than there is the sensible drinker – we all know one. Someone who never get a hangover because they drink a glass of water inbetween each glass of wine. Yes this is a great way to avoid a hangover but also means that you will make many a trip to the toilet throughout the night.

Then of course there are the hangover cures – raw eggs, bloody marys, and any other thing the next day won’t cure you but might make you feel a bit better. Apparently one of the best things for a hangover is a can of coke and a packet of crisps – but I can rarely face anything if I have drunk too much wine.

In fact of course the best way to avoid a hangover is just not to drink too much – just try and watch how much you are drinking and remember to stop at some point!

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