How To Achieve Extreme Muscle Growth

By: Sean Nalewanyj

The margin of time that determines extreme muscle growth success or failure in the gym is a heck of a lot shorter than you might think. In fact, your entire margin of success in the gym can ultimately be reduced to just a short time span of 60 seconds.

The benefits that will be achieved on the last 12 reps of all of your sets are the reason that you work out. The way to trigger your body's extreme muscle growth mechanisms is through stress, and your body gets stressed at the end of each set when you think you're at the brink of muscular failure.

If a given set consists of 6 reps, then reps 14 are only performed in order to get to reps 5 and 6. It's pretty clear that your first few reps won't do much in terms of stimulating extreme muscle growth, but are needed to overload the muscles on reps 5 and 6. If you work to fight the weights hard during this tiny time frame when finishing each set, your results will be enormous.

If you are familiar with my work, you know I always suggest training to muscular failure. The fact is that if you can push your body's adaptive responses by training until your muscles cannot move the weight another inch, you will definitely get extreme muscle growth.

The closer and closer you get to muscular failure, the bigger the gains that your body will experience. And just so you know, this time period is literally measured in single seconds. If you drop the weights 56 seconds earlier than the next guy (the margin is probably even smaller than this), you'll be significantly sacrificing your muscle growth and get nowhere near extreme muscle growth.

So, where did the 60-second time frame come from?

Add it up-if you perform 10 total all-out sets per workout with 6 seconds between success/failure per set, you are looking at 60 seconds of time per workout when you can either go for it with full effort and achieve extreme muscle growth or end up getting so-so results.

To achieve extreme muscle growth, you need to pay attention to those couple of seconds at the close of each set and increase the effort that you exert.

If you can force yourself to train to all-out muscular failure, you'll achieve extreme muscle growth. If you drop the weight 3 seconds before muscular failure, your growth will be compromised. When you drop the weight 8 seconds before muscular failure, you are reducing your muscle growth even further.

Your bodybuilding success in the gym will be measured by how you choose to handle one 3-minute-long period, if you multiply your 60-second figure by my recommended number of 3 workouts per week.

I bet you never thought of it this way before!

You need to train hard and with full intensity if you want to experience extreme muscle growth. Even if the weight feels heavy and your muscles burn with discomfort, push through until true muscular failure is achieved.

If you cease too soon, even a second too soon, you are compromising your gains. If you keep this in mind at the gym, you'll experience top results and extreme muscle growth.

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