How Strong Was Your Relationship?

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Even though you may be surprised that you have broken up, it is not uncommon for there to have been warning signs that the relationship was not as strong as you had believed. Some of these warning signs are very subtle, and you may not remember if you saw them even now that you reflect on it, but they can be good ways to test how strong your relationship was before it ended.
Signs That You May Have Had a Weaker Relationship
" Lack of Grooming
It sounds silly at first, but human beings - like all animals - have the innate desire to groom their mates when they are in love with them. You see a similar behavior in monkeys, where one monkey will pick dirt and things from its mate as it sits with them. Humans do this too. When someone falls for someone else, it is not uncommon to see them picking off lint, dirt - even blackheads from their partner's skin, sometimes without realizing it is occurring. If you have been together a long time, and you are convinced that grooming never occurred, you may not have had as strong a relationship as you had previously believed.
" Eye Rolls
Eye rolling is an interesting way that human beings express ambivalence or disgust towards the speech or actions of another. It is only sort of under our control. So when our partner speaks, if we found ourselves rolling our eyes with some regularity, even without us realizing it, there is a good chance we have a weaker relationship.
" Speech
Another interesting and subtle way to tell if you had a strong relationship is through the language you used to describe yourselves as couples. Strong relationships tend to use combining words, like "we" or "us" to describe opinions, as well as the things that they do together. For example, "We are going to the mall" when someone asks what you, yourself, are doing today. If instead you answered "Jessica/Jimmy and I are probably going to the mall" then your relationship may have been weaker.
None of these, of course, are set in stone. Some couples never groom, regardless of how in love they are, and other people like to clarify who they are talking about rather than use words like "us." But these subtle clues may be signs your relationship was not as strong as it could have been to begin with, so that you can take that information and figure out how that reflects on both what you think about your relationship and what you can do to get it back.

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