How Small Business Owners Can Use their Phone Cameras to Improve their Business

By: Chris Le Roy

Over the last few months I have been working with my team to develop new ideas to build our business throughout a number of new cities in Australia. One of the ways that we have been coming up with these new ideas is to take holidays in different cities and visit a range of different businesses to see how they do, what we do.

Now as I am sure I will hear, many people will complain that this is cheating…. my comment is, "ah No!"

In fact as my team and I have travelled the country we have been looking at a range of businesses that do things similar to us, as well as those that do non-related activities to our business. We have been looking at what some companies do really great and the things they do really badly.

So how can small business owners use their phone cameras to improve their business?

When I first started visiting these sites, which include things like gyms, retails stores and other education centres, I would notice cool things that they were doing or a layout that I liked and I would take notes. The challenge with this is that when I came back to the office to our team meetings, sometimes I would have missed a key element in what made that idea great.

My team and I, then in consultation talked about how do we overcome this … the answer, "Take a Photo!"

When I visit places or sites where there are ideas that I like, I now take a photo so that I can upload it into my computer and put it into a MS Word document so that I can refer to it when I get back to the office.

For example, today I went to a new gym with a friend of mine and there was lots of cool ideas that they had done that I wanted implement in our training office. One example of this was that they had a really fantastic layout for introducing their personal training instructors to their future clients. What made the layout really unique was its crispness and the types of fonts that they were using.

I recognised very quickly that I would not remember this layout and I certainly could not easily identify the types of fonts they were using so I took a photo of the layout and brought it home to work on with my marketing team next week.

As a small business owner, I will often take a photo of marketing material to follow up at a later stage. There is a lot of fantastic material that you will see but quite often you can not take the display board with you so the best thing to do is to take a photo.

I was in a bakery today as well and on their display case they had a big sign promoting a business awards program in the local area where my business is located. I did not even know the competition was on so I asked the owner if I could take a photo to enter.

I then came back to the office and investigated the domain to find out how to enter the competition. Guess what, I posted an ad to our Facebook fan page and have had a number of my clients nominate us for the award and hopefully we may be in the running to win. If we do, I will credit the win to using my phone camera.

The phone camera is a great tool to help small business owners capture ideas they see, that they could use in their own business. My team and I are always on the look out for great new ideas and have used both our fixed camera and video camera to capture ideas. These ideas that you capture could be the ones that transform your business from a poorly performing business to one that thrives.

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