How Safe Are Tanning Beds

By: James Pendergraft

Getting that perfect golden tan is something a lot of women want. It makes them look healthier, radiant, and younger and gives women that morale boost that only a lovely tan can give. Getting a tan can be done a few different ways, and while some women prefer the natural sunís rays for a few hours to get that golden look they want, there are instances when time does not permit you to do so. This is where tanning beds and tanning salons come in.

Tanning beds simulate the skin coloring radiation of the rays of the sun and gives women that golden glow they want without their having to wait for the perfect day to do so or having to stay out in the sun for hours to get properly tanned.

The question now is, are tanning beds really safe? Should you get a tan with the help of a tanning bed or should you achieve getting a tan the natural way? Are there other options available to those who want to have a tanned look?

Tanning and Tanning Beds

We all love that golden glow that tanning gives us, and we all know the harm that the sunís rays can cause oneís skin if one is exposed too long to it. This is one of the reasons why people sometimes opt for tanning salons since the UV rays used to darken oneís skin for that healthy outdoor look is controlled.

Tanning beds can use two different kinds of UV rays: UVB and UVA. UVB rays are shorter, and UVA rays are longer. Most old types of tanning beds are made with UVB rays being used for tanning while newer ones use the longer waved UVA rays. Tanning for prolonged periods of time can generate certain adverse results so care should be taken when tanning with any device using these two types of UV rays. UVB rays can cause sunburns if not monitored carefully, and UVA rays can cause internal skin damage if a person is left exposed to it for longer than is necessary. While tanning beds are generally safe to use, overuse is not.

Precautions When Tanning in Tanning Beds

When you are planning on getting a tan in a tanning salon on a tanning bed, some of the precautions you need to take is to know what kind of tanning bed they are using and how long is it safe for you to stay under the tanning bedís rays according to what UV rays they are using. Inquire about this ahead and read up on safety instructions for it. The next thing you need to make sure you do is to purchase the right kind of eye protection for your tanning bed experience. When a tanning salon attendant tells you it is safe to simply wear dark glasses when under the rays of a tanning bed, do not believe them. Since these are direct UV rays we are talking about, you should get the proper kind of eye protection to keep your eyes from getting burned by these rays. The only proper eye protection for when you use a tanning bed are the eye protection goggles that are made for these equipment.

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