How SEO Has Changed In the Last Two Years

By: Floyd lester

The last two years have been the most dynamic two years in SEO history. SEO experts have seen the work of their lives nosedive without a seeming reason. Unexpected trends have risen to great prominence. There is a good percentage of people who claim SEO is dead. There is another good percentage of people who claim that SEO is resurgent and stronger than ever before. So, what exactly has happened in the past two years to bring about such diverse reactions? How has SEO changed in the last two years?

In the past two years, the biggest change that has come about in SEO is the rise of white hat techniques. White hat refers to ethical promotions. Essentially, you cannot buy links, indulge in paid SEO or bribe another webmaster to promote your website in any way whatsoever. It is because of this one change that SEO is thought to be dead by some and resurgent by others.

Today, diversification is the name of the SEO game. Diversification in every aspect, be it the use of keywords, anchor texts, link sources or traffic, is extremely important. While focus on quality increased a couple of years ago, the range has narrowed down even more in the present day.

For example, a couple of year ago, lots of links from a genuine high quality website was enough to get you to rank high. Today, you could be penalized for this very thing. Today, not only is it extremely important to get high quality links, but also very important to get links from different high quality sources. So, you need a lot of diversity in sources of high quality links. In terms of keywords, you need to use diverse keywords in diverse anchor texts. Repetitive keywords can get you penalized, unlike the past when high keyword density actually got you more indexing.

The source of traffic is another major consideration post Panda and Penguin in the past couple of years. You receive more brownie points if you receive traffic from high quality websites, social media sites, press releases, blogs and other such sources. Traffic coming to you from search engines alone, despite being high in volume, does not get you a high ranking.

Content has got bigger. You need to write high quality content that your readers find worth sharing because more the number of times your content is shared, better is your website ranked. Guest blogging is big today.

Another thing that has gained a lot of prominence today is branding. Search engines evaluate your brand value based on various criteria. Branding did not feature in any SEO professional’s priority list a couple of years ago. Black hat techniques can get you in a lot of trouble from Panda and Penguin. Penalties are much serious now than they were a few years ago.

Essentially, the SEO world has undergone the transition from being a polluted world to a cleaner greener world. Clean tactics that are meant for the benefit of human visitors rather than search engine bots can get you maximum benefits in your SEO attempts.

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