How Preventive Dentistry Helps to Maintain Good Oral Health

By: Adam Christie

Preventive Dentistry is the modern way of protecting your teeth and preventing any sort of oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum problems, Enamel Damage, Dental Caries, among other things. It focuses on less dental treatment and invasive treatment. There are many ways of practising preventive dentistry such as brushing teeth twice, Flossing, dental cleaning, et cetera. The preventive dentistry helps the patient avoid spending time and money on restorative dentistry and therefore is considered a hassle-free way of keeping teeth intact. Therefore, in a summarised form, Preventive Dentistry could be said to be activities which can help in preventing oral health issues.

Here are the steps which could be followed to practise effective Preventive Dentistry-

At- Home Oral Hygiene- The most grass root way in which preventive dentistry could be practised is taking proper care of Oral hygiene at home. This could be done through Brushing and Flossing twice a day. The Dental Plaque could be effectively avoided following these techniques. Dental Plaque is responsible for almost every oral disease such as Dental tartar, Caries, Tooth Decay, among other things. The remineralisation of the teeth could be easily achieved by proper brushing and flossing.

Having a Balanced Diet- Limiting the sugar intake, through avoiding sweetened drinks and sticky candies, et cetera, removing refined carbohydrates such as Bread, Pasta, and Chips could be healthy for teeth. Inculcating water drinking habits could be good for teeth. A wise idea for maintaining good teeth health could be reading the nutrition facts of the items that you are going to consume. Consider asking your Physician about the diet that you are taking and how does it affect your oral health. Another option to protect your teeth from acidic attacks could be using straws when you are drinking acidic or fizzy drinks so that the contents could go directly into your mouth.

Using Fluorides- Fluorides have the essential properties which contribute to keeping your teeth healthy. This element could be found in natural sources and help in effective remineralisation of the teeth. Several types of research show that regularly exposing teeth to fluoride could protect teeth from any long-term consequences of tooth decay and protect from tooth decay as a whole. The public water fluoridisation has been able to achieve what was needed by actively inculcating fluoride in the water which is considered as one of the greatest achievements.

Guards and Tooth fissures- Mouthguards is a good way of practising preventive dentistry. The use of mouth guard could easily protect the teeth from being broken and protect from any sort of injuries. Another way of protecting teeth from decay is using fits and fissures which could be used to avoid any sort of exposure of teeth from acidic contents and it also ensures minimal accumulation of dirt on the enamel and teeth.

Regular Dentist visits- There are various sort of oral problems and diseases which could be avoided if one resorts to regular dentist visits. The Cavities, Gingivitis, periodontitis could be directly avoided. As well as several diseases which exist due to poor oral health such as Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Osteoporosis, Respiratory diseases, Cancer could be avoided if regular visits are done. At regular visits, the dentist could help in checking for tartar, plaque, check tongue, check for oral diseases, among other things and could suggest effective treatment such as scheduled cleaning, fluoride treatment, etc.

Although there have been advancements in Dentistry in the recent times, it is advised to practise effective Preventive Dentistry so that healthy and Hassle-free teeth life could be assured.

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The preventive dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that involves the prevention of oral diseases.

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