How Powerful is Your Twitter Profile

By: Tyska Hilary

What does your Twitter
image articulate touching on you??? Would a
potential customer admire at your profile and say, "I desire to follow that
person"? Here are some tips you can draw on to aid beef up your Twitter
What does your Twitter
profile say about you?? Twitter doesn't
give us much space to create a powerful profile, but we can still do it.? Would a potential customer look at your
profile and say, "I want to follow that person"?
Here are some tips you
can use to help beef up your Twitter profile.?
Like it or not, Twitter is here to stay.?
You want to use it to strengthen your online presence, to bring readers
to your blog or web site, and to learn what is happening in the online
Post a photo.? On Twitter you can create a company site as
well as an individual site.? If you
develop a product profile for your company, you'll post the company logo.? But, you'll also want your own individual
profile.? People like to see people, not
logos.? Twitter is very personal.? You "follow" someone.? That means you follow someone, not
something.? Make sure your photo says
what you want it to say.? Be careful of a
photo that shows you in a revealing dress.?
Twitter is full of porno sites.?
Don't let people mistake you for a porno site because you like that
picture of you in the skimpy dress.?Describe who you
are and the benefits of knowing you.? On
Twitter you have very few words for describing yourself.? Imagine creating your 10-second elevator
speech.? That's what you are doing on
Twitter.? You must reveal what it is
about you that makes you interesting enough to follow.??Keep your
profile up-to-date.? If things change,
make sure you update your profile.? For
example, when I published my second book, I changed my 10-second to read: "Say
It Just Right Master, communications coach, author and speaker."Make sure
you put your company web sites on your profile.?
Twitter allows you to put your web site on your headline page.? If people like what they see, it's the first
place they will go.Brand yourself with your
background.? Twitter gives you an
opportunity to create your own background colors and logo.? If you take a look at people's Twitter pages,
you'll see all kinds of interesting, colorful backgrounds.? It's better to put your own logo up in the
background, using the company colors than to use one of the default selections
Twitter offers.? Even photos of you
placed in an interesting way can attract people to your site.? Remember, Twitter is about branding.?The most prominent things
you'll see on the Twitter profile are your Tweets.? If you are constantly "in your face" with
Tweets that sell, sell, sell, that will turn people off.? Most people look for a variety of Tweets.? They look for @ symbols that suggest that you
are interacting with people.? They look
for RTs that suggest that you read other people's Tweets.? They look for links that suggest that you
share stuff.? And they look for
questions, suggesting that you don't know all the answers.Know your audience.? Tweets give you a great indication of what
your audience is interested in.? You can
learn not only what your target market is interested in but also what your
competitors are up to.? In a blog,
"Social Media and Twitter: 10 Principles for Getting Started," the author
encourages Tweeters to use this information to figure out what to share with
people.? A large company, for example,
like Dell, has several Twitter accounts, each Tweeting about different
things.? By the way, where did I find
this blog post?? On Twitter, of course.
are my tips, what are some of yours?

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