How People Become Addicted To LSD

By: Ben Pate

The most common hallucinogens known in the medical community is LSD. It has been designated as the most mind altering chemical ever contrived. It is produced from lysergic acid that is found in a type of fungus that grows on rye or other grains. LSD is orally taken in liquid or gel form. The drug gained infamy in the 60s for its widespread use amongst young people. It is a very hazardous drug that, if abused, can lead to addiction. If you think you may have a dependency to LSD you should seek a drug rehabilitation facility for treatment for your drug addiction.


They side effects of LSD are greatly unpredictable and vary from user to use. It also depends on the amount taken, the general mood the user is in, and what kind of surroundings they are in when they ingest the drug. Dilated pupils, increased heart rate, fever, dry mouth and tremors are the most common symptoms of people who have recently taken LSD. If a person ingests large quantities of LSD they can experience horrifying delusions and even visual hallucinations. It's a serious issue when someome's suffering from drug addiction.


Like many other drugs, once you begin using LSD regularly you will quickly build up a tolerance to the drug's effects. This happens because the brain becomes used to getting a certain amount of the drug in order to feel its effects. People take LSD for numerous reasons. LSD has no physical symptoms of withdrawal. This means that treatment for LSD addiction is much more psychological than physical.

Why People Use LSD

Many depressed people turn to LSD because they think it will help to snap them out of their funk. With counseling, a person will learn to discover that there are alternative, healthy ways to deal with depression that do not involve drugs. When a person uses drugs to mask a pain, physical or emotional, it only works for a short period of time and does not fundamentally address the issue the way it needs to be dealt with. It is hard to tell if a person is addicted to LSD because there are no real physical symptoms.

Consequences Of Addiction

It is hard to tell if a person is addicted to LSD because there are no real physical symptoms. Therefore, the person who is addicted to the drug is usually the last to know. People who use drugs and alcohol as pain managing mechanisms usually say that the problem is not as grave as it seems. They think they are capable of getting off the drug whenever they want to. Unfortunately, this is never the case and they do not realize the drug has them imprisoned.

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Scientists still do not agree on the effects LSD has, long-lasting, on a person's mind or body. What is known for sure is that LSD is classified as a schedule 1 narcotic by the United States government. Anyone caught ingesting or in possession of LSD is going to be subject to arrest and jailing. Not only are you placing your health in jeopardy if you use LSD, you are risking your freedom. You can be sure jail will be a bad trip.

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