How Many Articles Should You Write?

By: Donald N. Lombardi

What Is The Right Amount Of Articles For Success?

Statistics play a significant part in your article marketing success. If you want to be making money soon, then you need to mass produce like an assembly line. The right amount for success is an answer that each individual must decide for himself or herself.

A number of the best article marketers who produce up to $200/day write up to 12 articles a day.
Why so many articles?

When you write 12 articles a day to promote 4 products, you would be able to quickly identify products that sell like hot cakes. You do not have to be an inexhaustible writer to be able to write that many articles. The secret to bulk producing content is all about knowing the technique to do so.

Here is a suggested approach that you may want to adopt:

Step 1: Come up with or research a list of 5-10 killer ideas in your niche. Remember, good content is a successful form of PREsell. List down 10 ideas, tips, advice that will help your reader either solve their particular predicament better or do something better. They ought to be pretty killer ideas since you are recognized as the expert. They can be clear-cut ideas like "Setting Goals" and you twist it to the slant of success. It is imperative that you create this list of ideas beforehand and be very familiar with how these ideas perform. You are going to be using this listing of Ideas very often.

WHAT IF you are completely clueless in that niche and still choose to promote partner products?
Easy! Use up a few bucks and obtain those products. Read through them and find more ideas from them. This is how you conduct research and learn about those ideas and understand how they perform, and express them differently.

Step 2: You need to set up a system you can draw on for each article. Any good article is made up of several parts. There is the article title, the article body and the resource box. The key here is to break each article into even smaller, manageable chunks to speed up your writing.
Step 2a: Create an irresistible Article Title: The objective of your article title is to make it desirable and appealing so that folks would in fact want to click and read your article. There are several ways to do this effectively - you can be asking a question, or you can link your article to someone famous. The goal here is to make it striking and appealing to grab ATTENTION!

Step 2b: How to quickly do up the Article Body: Now, writing the article body is very simple once you break it into 5 parts.

Part 1: Introduction - Start off with questions related to your topic - use simple questions.

Part 2: Tip #1 - Provide a worthwhile tip, secret or advice in parts 2, 3 and 4. Use that list of killer ideas that you brainstormed earlier! The thought here is to provide some value to your readers. By providing worth, you build trust with your readers and they are more likely to buy what you have to propose. Just keep it simple, you do not want to divulge everything here. Do the same for Parts 3 and 4. Each tip should be 3-5 lines max.

Part 3: Tip #2 -

Part 4: Tip #3

Part 5: Conclusion

If you want to create more sales with your articles, always be recommending the product at this point. Mention about the author, his or her eBook or plan. But never put any target links in the article body because some directories do not allow it.. Your reader can find the link to the product through your resource box.

There you have it a down-to-earth system to get you churning out articles like a Pro in no time. Start writing twice as many articles as you are writing now and each week try to double the output. Make it a game and stretch yourself a little and watch your bank account grow. Success will be measured by the size of your bank account.

Good Luck!

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