How Loving the Classics (Film That Is) Can Kick Your Boring Lifestyle to the Curb

By: Layla Caltier

Do you feel that you are living your life in a cubicle? Doing the same thing over and over day in, day out; month in, month out? Are you eating the same food at the same time every day so much so that you don't ever need a shopping list because you always buy the same stuff? Are you listening to the same music you did when you were a teenager - exclusively? You my friend are breathing, but not living.

That is rather dramatically put, but there is at least a kernel of truth there.

Everyone at one time or another experiences extreme sameness. Everyday is the same as the last. When you wake up in the morning, you know there will be no surprises. Every day is a carbon copy of the other. This is just the way it is.

You all know what I mean. When you wake up in the morning you already know what's ahead, every single morning of your life. You don't need to make lists any more even for the grocery store because you know what's low and you simply replace it, never venturing from the usual aisles.

Get Over It!

Don't look forward like so many of your peers. Don't seek out the latest electronic gizmos or latest version of those you already have. You don't need to rent the latest hit movie out of Hollywood, or buy that CD from a new group with the hot singer, or buy a Chevy Volt. Look backwards angel.

We spend so much time looking forward that we forget that there is also real value in looking back.

When Was the Last Time You Spent an Afternoon Loving the Classics?

Personally, I love classic film. Casablanca? Legendary. 12 Angry Men? Fabulous.

Maybe it's just me, but I thought movies had more value before we could count on special effects to keep them interesting. In 12 Angry Men, an excellent plot made up for the fact that the entire movie was shot in a single location. Character development compensates for the fact that people are people and still look like people. Savvy shooting had to keep the viewer interested in what was, relatively speaking, incredibly poor film quality compared to what we have today.

In modern times, films depend way too much on special effects and special technological inventions to get and keep the viewer's interest. It is that very thing that detracts from the reason you watch movies in the first place whether on the big screen or small: A story that will keep you glued in your seat until the end and occasionally even after.

If you're not a “film-ie” (hey, we have foodies, why not?), the concept of actually caring whether it's a new, cinematic whiz or an oldie-but-goodie that pulled itself up by its bootstraps might seem a bit foreign. Who cares, as long as it's interesting, right?

Well, with websites putting these vintage films at our fingertips, we can now view these vintage gems easily and often, something we couldn't do even a few years ago. We now have the choice of glorying in today's magical technology or in yesterday's magical film artistry. We can wallow in the joy of knowing that the oldies did it all with some really crude tools.

These classics allow us to remember what it is about them that we continue to cherish today.

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