How Hypnosis Can Help a Gambling Addiction

By: Gerry Ronson

Self hypnosis is done with a CD that you can listen to at any time you feel the need. For example, most hypnosis CDís require that you listen to them when you are in a quiet place where you can relax. If you can find this during your lunch hour or before bed then that is great. You donít want to be operating machinery or at work while trying to use the CD. This usually doesnít make you relaxed enough, or you may fall asleep while listening to the CD.

You can also use self hypnosis without a hypnotist present. Many people do this and find it effective. With the three methods you have available you might consider all options to see what works best for you, especially if one method doesnít work after a few weeks.

First a hypnotist is not going to understand your problem and offer therapy. They are going to help you reach a trance like state, in which they can offer you solutions to the problem your normal state may not be ready to hear. In other words the hypnotist is not going to give you suggestions that go against your morals or ethics, but that will help you realise how much you may be hurting yourself and others around you regarding your addiction. They can also offer suggestions on how to stop gambling when approached with a situation. If you feel the need to sit down and gamble online the hypnosis will offer suggestions for combating that.

What you must realise about any form of hypnosis is that it will not work overnight. One session is not going to cure you. You must be able to get the help you need over time to combat a strong addiction that is taking control over your life. This is why a combination of self hypnosis and a session with a hypnotist may work out your issues.

Gambling can be a difficult problem especially if you start racking up the gambling debts. If you have lost control of your gambling then there may be help for you. To determine if you have lost control gambling, look at how much you have spent in the past year on gambling. How much have you spent in the last month or the last week? If you find that you spend more than your pay check or most of what you earn, you might have a gambling addiction. Addictions take a great deal of time to get over, even when you have help. Sometimes a person canít control their addictions. If you want to stop gambling there may be one solution.

We are going to look at how to stop gambling using hypnosis techniques. There are three hypnosis techniques that you can use. They are self hypnosis, a hypnotist, or using a combination of the aforementioned techniques.

The CD for self hypnosis to stop gambling will walk you through a relaxation procedure where you concentrate on breathing and relaxing. The second part of the CD is where you learn how to control the addiction and work towards bettering your life.

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