How Have The Famous Coffee Brands Designed Their Coffee Shops Logos?

By: rita summers

If you want to design a logo for your café, then the first step is to observe how the famous brands have designed their coffee shop logos that have made their brands so popular.


Their company mark is simple, sophisticated and eye catching. It consists of an illustration of three espresso beans with the corporation name besides it. The reason for this trade mark’s success is the combination of simplicity of the image along with the bright bold duo of maroon and off-white colors in the symbol. Shades of red symbolize speed combined with confidence with a dash of danger, the exact image that a café needs if it wants to get their customers attention. The use of maroon makes the design eye-catching and unique whereas off-white makes the image elegant and chic.

•Dunkin donuts:

Their trade mark is pink and orange colored text on a white background with an angled paper cup of steaming drink accompanying it. That is coupled with use of bubble font style which says young, fun loving and colorful. Since they have majorly targeted the youth, this is the perfect monogram for their business.


Their monogram depicts its founding location which is Alaska. The earlier symbol consisted of a leaping moose on a light blue background with the company name in a wacky font style beneath it. The image was informal, adventurous and fun even though the business name was hardly legible. Their new symbol has shown a lot of improvement. It is an abstract image of a moose with a decidedly abstract coffee bean illustration with it. The new font style is still quite curvy but is legible as compared to the previous one. The new mark is sophisticated, elegant and unique.

•Seattle's Best Coffee:

The trademark of this corporation is a simple and clean oval emblem with the business name in the center. The symbol majorly consists of shades of red with hints of brown. The design is highly eye catching, sophisticated and attractive. The font style used is also straight and legible. The only way to describe this emblem is ‘bold and smooth’ like the script on the monogram.


This company has one of the most popular and easily recognizable coffee logos. They may have changed their logo many times but the basic image has always remained the same, an image of a two tailed siren. Story goes that the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was a big fan of the story Moby Dick and the name was inspired from there. They have used a siren to symbolize that their product is as seductive as the two tailed mermaid in the trade mark. That concept has worked quite nicely for them. The colors that they have chosen are also unconventional and distinct. Instead of using a deep brown, they have used green color that symbolizes freshness and originality. Many people recognize their company symbol as a sign of ‘home away from home’.

Hence, now you have an idea how the famous brands have designed their cafe logos.

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