How Gear Roughing Cutters Work

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If you are looking for cutters that can generate shapes with rough edges, then you need to purchase gear roughing cutters. The cutters work by removing bigger sections of the material and the remaining small chips can be removed during the finishing process.

The process of shaping is very simple, it needs synchronizing the work-piece with the axial. Subsequent rotation of the axial removes larger parts from the blank piece. The gear cutter works well when the undulation is laterally extended so that it cuts the required tooth. The roughing cutters work faster by removing large sections from the piece being worked on to produce a profile that is smooth. After the piece has been worked on by the gear roughing cutters it is then ready to go through the smoothing process which is normally done by a finishing cutter. The finishing cutters removes the other remaining parts that may have been left by the cutter .The finishing cutter is expensive but if used in this manner, it is preserved and can be used for a longer period. How well the roughly cut shapes will look like is dependent on the cutting edge of the roughing gear cutter. The old roughing gear cutters were designed in such a way that they used to leave huge stocks on the piece being worked on so as to allow the remaining portion to be removed in the finishing operation easily.

In early 70s, roughing gear cutters used left both heavy and light sections that were alternating and removed heavy parts of the piece that was being worked on. The light parts were to be removed in the finishing operation. During the final stages of the finishing operation, the chips were easily broken and they lowered the heat dissipated by the finishing tool.. This is what helped in enhancing the lifespan of the finishing tool. It also used to reduce the consumption of energy during the process.

Modern gear roughing cutters works in a similar way; but it has a hob that rotates about its axis with teeth that have sharp cutting edges lying in a radial plane. The teeth work on a piece of metal and reduce the diameter of the hob with subsequent cutting. The invention of cutting edges that are undulating is what has helped in leaving both light and heavy sections that are easily removed during the finishing operation. This special undulating cutting edge has made it possible to cut several shapes that are easily finished by re-sharpening. This saves time and also increases the life span of the tools used for finishing. This new method is fast and efficient since it employs advanced technology.

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