How Fat Loss 4 Idiots Helped Me

By: Dave Jackson

The screen saver on the computer was shuffling through pictures of a recent vacation - well, one we had two years ago, because these past two years have been busy! And on the screen I saw me, a different me, in a picture with my wife. I know exactly how it happens - we sit at desks for hours and hours and eat and do little, if any, exercise.

So like many of my friends, I stated searching for ways to rapidly lose the weight I'd gained in my belly and chest. I had really grown tubby and I knew it. If anything could help, since I worked all day online, I knew I could find it! And with time still left in the year to drop pounds before the holidays - this was a new challenge.

One of the first programs I saw online was this thing called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, a take-off on the myriad of "for Dummies" books and something I thought might be good because I am really a step-by-step visual person. Show me the path and I'll make it. Alongside the Fat Loss 4 Idiots I found tons of ads for programs promising I could lose 45 pounds in 40 days, 18 pounds in 4 days. Scary stuff.

But before I put a buck down for a program I knew I had to be ready for this mentally. Too many times I'd purchased something online only to find out I didn't have the skill set to make it happen, or there weren't enough hours in my day to make it work. So I knew going in that this thing had to be flexible or else. In addition, I had to believe in me - that I could do this and that I was going to lose my fat.

When I did an overview of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program, I thought I'd be dealing with my food and the exercise part. But they had a little more in mind. They showed me that I had to schedule my eating and my exercise and find which foods and exercise would work for me. Talk about a good fit! Like I say - show me the path and I can walk it. So this was good news.

Another thing I found useful is that even though they have a good system where you log in and have your area online with support, is that they work with you to make sure your head is in the game. It is definitely a mind thing and you really got to believe you are going to accomplish your goal. If not - chances are you'll fall off the wagon and blame the program. This happens often.

That's the reason why so many excellent programs fail for some people. Even Fat Loss 4 Idiots has been called a scam - but I know what's happening and when you stop and think of the hundreds of people who have been well served by their strategies and lost tons of fat, I mean, that speaks for itself. Some people you just can't help - they have to want it. And I wanted it.

And even the best programs won't work for you if you simply don't believe in the system. That would be like the Olympians not believing they could actually win. Fat Loss 4 Idiots has been called everything, but for me it was a solid program with hundreds of people who have lost tons of fat. I don't need to defend it - it stands on its own. I wanted this to work and it did. I trust it will for you as well.

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