How Electronica Arrived At Existing

By: Garrett Mickley

Electronica Music applies electronic musical instruments and emerging song composition technologies. It is an emerging genre that combines two or more genres in writing and recording songs and albums. This is why it is said to include a broad range of electronically produced records. Electronically produced songs have rose to the top of the music industry and have recently dominated concerts and most social events throughout the world.


Better instruments for recording songs made it possible for potential musicians and group bands to produce electronic songs and albums without having to use facilities of established studios. Emerging computer technologies enabled individuals to access sampled beats and songs which provided basics in developing popular compositions. Such compositions that allowed experimentation and led to development of new genres were termed as electronica.

Everyone Does It

Riddims and reggaetons are compositions that are recently very popular among youngsters due to their refined taste. Late 1970s and early 1980s was the period when electronic sound started being used by musicians in recording and producing songs. By early 1990s, electronic sounds had fully penetrated mainstream rock and pop performances.


Reggae artists have created remixes using electronic related sounds that have resulted to reggaetons and riddims. There has been growing world recognition of fusion sounds. This has made fusion sounds to become an essential part in most reggae and hip hop composition. Most artists have incorporated such sounds in their tracks.

Any Type Of Use

Unlike electronic dance compositions which are essentially created for dancing purposes, electronica compositions have been designed for a wide variety of uses. They can be played in the background when certain activities are taking place or for foreground listening. Electronic related genres have become very common to headphone users, earphone users and in chill out zones mainly visited by teenagers.

Evolving Sounds

In a wide variety of sounds and tracks recorded by famous artists throughout the world, electronically influenced sounds have played a significant role.hip hop performers have gained world recognition because of recording tracks and albums that essentially use electronic sounds. Electronically generated sounds are applied in hip hop and R&B rhythms to create fusions that fans enjoy listening to all the time. A new genre called Dubstep Music is proof of evolving sounds.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Electronic dance music culture has widely become common in dancing events that mainly occur at night which are known as raves. Such events are claimed that they embrace technology and are usually associated with lots of fantasy, peace and love. However, use of hard drugs and unaccepted sexual practices in raves has drawn great criticism.

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Electronic Music has widely been applied in television advertisements as background sound effects. Popular electronically produced tracks have been incorporated in video game sounds. This has led to growing interest in this kind of genre. Products resulting due to advancements in technology hardly lack incorporation of electronic sounds. This is common in street advertisements that use neon signs and attractive billboards.

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