How Effective Are Natural Semen Enhancer Pills In Increasing Semen Volume Easily?

By: Gordon R Santo

Men having a poor semen production in body also suffer from poor ejaculation and erection power. It is normally seen that with age men have a reduced volume of semen ejaculation because the body fails to produce semen in the same amount as it does in a younger age. The problem in the reproductive tract duct leads to low sperm production as it can reduce the power to produce and release semen. Exposure to heat and harmful radiations adversely effects the male organ's functioning. Prolonged exposure to stress is another major cause for infertility in men and it can also cause various other types of illnesses such as metabolic problems, high blood pressure, depression and cardiac conditions, which are indirectly related to the reproductive organs. Natural semen enhancer pills such as Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules contain certain herbs that can increase semen volume production in the body.

The natural semen enhancer pills are very effective and provide easy ways to increase semen volume. Spermac capsules contains more than 20 extremely rare and powerful herbs including Curculigo Orchioides, Tribulus Terrestris, Anacyclus Pyrethrum along with other popular bioactive extracts e.g. Withania Somnifera, Asphaltum Punjabinum, Mucuna Pruriens, and many other natural potent testosterone boosters. The capsules of Musli Kaunch contain different species of Musli mixed in the right proportion to Mucuna Pruriens (kaunch) which gives strict testosterone and semen boosting effects.

Some experts believe rubbing the male organ or indulging in self stimulation is linked to weakness in the male organ and it can even cause male pattern of baldness which happens due to the release of dihydrotestosterone(DHT) because testosterone is converted to DHT and overload of DHT can cause baldness. In extreme cases, self-indulgence through hand practice can cause severe damage to the organ reducing its fertility. Any form of damage to the organ or dysfunction caused by deficiencies can be cured by taking herbs. Herbs can even reduce infertility caused by genetic factors in some cases because certain herbs have the property to work at mitochondrial level to redefine cell structure and revive power of the organs. Many of these rare herbs are used in the preparation of natural semen enhancer pills to increase semen volume. For example -

Curculigo orchioides is rare herb used for increasing desire and for the conversion of chemicals in the body to testosterone. It was studied on laboratory rats and its regular intake able to increase mating behaviour in rats. It improves penile erection and reduced hesitation. The weight gain of reproductive organs can be seen. The above mentioned natural semen enhancer pills can increase semen volume as it contains this herb which can promote spermatogenesis and increase steroid synthesis.

Tribulus Terrestris is another unique herb which was given three-times a day to fifty one patients (in the age group of 20 to 52 years) for three months and it helped in normalizing seminal parameters, reduced leukocyte count, increased sperm count and reduced cholesterol and triglyceride level. Natural semen enhancer pills increase semen volume and sperm count to prevent infertility as it contains many such rare herbs.

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