How Does Proactive Tech Support Save Your Money and Time?

By: Brooke M. Perry

In the current era, almost all of us are computer users. With computers or any machine for that matter, occurrence of technical issues is not a surprising thing as technical difficulties are sure to arise from time to time. Therefore, as a typical computer user, you too might have experienced issues and asked for technical support. While it is true that technical support proves to be of great help in troubleshooting the errors, then it is also true that getting the right technical support is not easy.

After calling to a tech support company, usually you are forced to go through a long process of doing not-so-necessary things, before you could actually get connected to the right person. This is a waste of time. Moreover, if you are looking for tech support for your business then the delay in getting the right kind of help can also be the waste of money. Nowadays, small or big, almost every business is serving its customers with some kind of technology. Hence, any computer related issues can lead to productivity fall out, which can eventually shake the profit balance of your business. So what is the way out? You need tech support and there are different firms offering that. Yet at the time of need, you are not getting what you should actually get.

Understanding Proactive Tech Support

This all happens because you are seeking reactive tech support, which is a primitive way. Reactive tech support means you face a technical issue, and then decides to call your tech support guy and then he reacts to your call by initiating the tech support purpose. The actual time consuming and frustrating segment of the whole support process is from the point of your calling to the point when the tech support guy initiates the actual support process.

You can save your time and money if you switch from reactive to proactive tech support. Proactive tech support is the new way of delivering more effective and prompt support. Proactive tech support works on the principle of ďprecaution is better than care.Ē The concept of proactive support is like eating healthy everyday to avoid issues while reactive support is like taking medicines while you are already in trouble.

Through proactive tech support, the service provider doesnít wait for an issue to occur or you to call. Rather, it goes beyond and performs routine maintenance, look at computing statistics and trends to predict the possible issues you might suffer and thus try to prevent future technical problems. In proactive support, the service provider schedules service outages in advance, when your requirements are not at its urgency. This is done because the last minute unscheduled services outages are performed with lack of foresight and hence doesnít pay off the right results.

Why Proactive Tech Support is Required?

Imagine a situation where suddenly your computers stop working and brings a major section of your business process to halt. You call the tech support and then you are scheduled to waste your time first by taking to the robot, who reads to you from a script that might not even related to your queries. Then probably you will answer a series of unrelated questions. Next your call would be transferred to a soft spoken person, who will probably remind you about your kindergarten teacher. The person on call will make you do all those silly things, which you must have done already like checking the plugging connection of your device, restarting it after shutdown and all other basic troubleshooting steps. Here again you have to spare a few minutes to make that kindergarten teacher convinced that you have already checked those things and yet the problem is prevailing thatís why you have called up.

After this, your call will be transferred to the slacker and this again might take time as he or she might be busy in attending other calls. While you wait in the queue, a drive-through-voice will be played which might or might not be making sense to you. The slacker will again do his part of job that might sound relevant but wonít fix your issue. Finally, after this long queue process, you will be connected to wizard, the real tech guy you were looking for. Once, you reach here, you can be hopeful that your problem will be resolved soon. But make sure that your phone doesnít get disconnected. Otherwise again the whole process will start from the very beginning.

Proactive Approach in Tech Support is the Need of Hour

Does this kind of tech support serve you good? Definitely not as no business or an individual customer prefer wasting so much of time in just reaching out to the actual tech support guy. Itís not that tech support companies gain in some way by making you wait in queue for so long. Itís just that reactive tech support has to be in that way. The questions asked by you by the robot, the activities that the kindergarten teacher make you do are all very much required for the tech support service provider as they evaluate your issue or error in that way. Without evaluation your problem, no tech support firm can troubleshoot it. Hence, reactive tech support will be a lengthy process.

But the good thing is now you have the proactive tech support available, that saves your time and money. At its best, proactive support approach will not let any issue or problem to ever occur because consistent maintenance will keep it at bay. At its worst, the approach will enable your tech support service provider to diagnose the issue at its very inception and hence would make troubleshooting easy. Means, whether at its best or worst, proactive tech support is beneficial to you as no issue or error will occur all of a sudden and bring your business process to halt and thus hampering the productivity.

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Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online computer support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone.

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