How Do You Capture the Perfect Engagement Photo?

By: Peter S Nguyen

Engagement photography seems effortless. But in reality, the engagement photography sessions are not that simple. There are a few things you should consider before trusting just any photographer in Los Angeles with your precious engagement pictures.

Do Research.

The first thing you should do before hiring a photographer is research.But how do you do that? Where do you look?

Knowing what you want in terms of location, wardrobe, and concept can help you narrow down your list of photographers to people who can best give you the look that you want.

We recommend having the concept and theme in mind before reaching out to photographers. You can check out some samples of engagement images online and get a better idea of the concepts you like and donít like. Use the ones you do like as inspiration.

After deciding on a concept, you should choose a photographer who can deliver on what you want. Try to find an engagement photographer in Los Angeles whose style and budget suits you. Thereís pages and pages on Google of possible candidates and their reviews.

Plan Your Concept.

Know your theme before hiring a professional fashion wedding photographer to take your engagement photos. Some couples go with more nitty-gritty styles, whereas others want to flow with whatever is trending now. Think about the things that make you and your significant unique as a couple, and what photos speak to you when you research online.

Plan the engagement session ahead of time to avoid unwanted mistakes. Make sure you have the right location, wardrobe, and props. Planning prior tothe big day is very important to helping you accomplish your vision.

Pick a Time.

When picking a date, there are two things you should consider. The session should be done at the perfect time, not too close and not too far from your wedding.

Though your photographer will require time to edit the images, donít take the photos too soon either. You want your guests to feel excited about your upcoming wedding when you share the pictures!

In addition, pick the best time of day to do the session. For this, you will need to consult your photographer, especially if you want the session to be held outside. The photographer should be trained in shooting in different types of lighting and environments, and can best advise you on what will garner the best results.

If you need to book a location, make sure you do so well in advance so itís yours on the day of your choosing.

Donít forget to check the weather and prepare accordingly. Bring an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain, or sunscreen if you know there wonít be shade.

Preparedness is a Key.

Now that youíve booked a photographer, picked your location, and prepped your wardrobe, the big day has arrived.

On the scheduled day, make sure you arrive on time.Starting on time will help you and your photographer feel relaxed and calm, which will show in your photographs.

Donít forget to bring an emergency kit Ė a pouch with safety pins, makeup accessories, hairpins, and mini sewing kit, backup wardrobe options, and anything else you can think of. Your careful preparation will lead to magic in your pictures.

Be Yourself.

Try to be yourself. Itís the easiest thing you can do. Donít try to be someone youíre not. Instead, focus on celebrating your love and let the engagement photographer do the heavy lifting. After all, you hired them to capture you perfectly in the images, so let them do their job. Donít try too hard and have fun!

Conclusion Ė

When it comes to expressing love through images, there is no such thing as limitations. Whether itís engagement photography or fashion wedding photography in Los Angeles, itís highly recommended to hire someone professional who understands your preferences, style, and concept. If you do the preparation, your photos are bound to be spectacular.

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