How Do I Improve My Websites Traffic?

By: Mel Joelle

Traffic is the means by which all internet marketers make their living. Without traffic, it doesn’t matter how engaging or fresh your content is; your website will stagnate in some far corner of the web, never making a single affiliate sale or ad impression. So how do you improve a website’s traffic?

The key is to target search engines, most notably Google. Google can hand you hundreds or thousands of hungry readers on a silver platter, but you will need to learn how to play by its rules. Search engine traffic is, for the most part, determined by your ‘page rank,’ or how high up the search results your page appears for certain keywords. Page rank can be most effectively improved through two methods: keyword research and backlinking. These are integral components of search engine optimization, and can make an astonishing difference in your daily traffic volume.

Keyword research should be begun before a website is even created, but it’s never too late to improve your search visibility. Consider the general topic covered by your website. For example, let’s choose ‘dogs.’ This keyword is far too broad for most internet marketers; competition is fierce and there’s no way to know what the searchers are actually looking for. You want to be found by people looking to buy something. Whether that is a physical product, or information through something like an e-book, targeted traffic will result in a much higher profit. In order to reach these people, successful internet marketers focus on smaller, ‘niche’ topics that cover a much narrower range of keywords and are easier to get on the first page of a Google search. So, instead of trying to get ranked for ‘dogs,’ a marketer may instead create a website with the main keyword ‘fleece sweaters for small dogs.’ Google Keyword Tools is a free service that provides information on ad competition and traffic estimates for any keywords you can think of.

The other major step to improve website traffic is called backlinking. Google places a higher priority on websites that have been linked to by other well-ranked sites. These links may grow organically as you interact with other members of the topic’s community, but you can also create your own backlinks. This can involve writing a similarly themed article on a Web 2.0 site, such as Hubpages or Squidoo, and then linking back to your own site within the article. When done in moderation, these websites trusted by Google can give you a big boost in ranking, and even earn you spare income from the articles you’ve written. Many blogs and forums also allow users to leave a discrete link in their name or signature, respectively, which can be a good source for links and direct referrals.

By following these steps, any aspiring blogger can start seeing the traffic he or she needs to make real money online. Perseverance is the most important trait an internet marketer can have; with patience and determination, you too can start seeing a residual income in no time.

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