How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne And Clear My Complexion?

By: Felix G. Schmieder

It seems like more and more people every day are asking "How can I get rid of my acne?"á or "How can I clear my complexion?" and they're given the typical get clear skin answers.á These typical responses will never help them get rid of whiteheads and other pimples because they don't deal with the real acne problems.
Acne is actually a problem that begins inside of your body.á Anyone who says that acne is caused by excess bacteria, oil, or dead skin is only partially right.á These are factors in your acne, but they're only secondary symptoms.á There is an underlying cause that causes these symptoms and you can get clear skin and get rid of whiteheads completely if you treat the real cause of your acne breakouts.
After a lot of research, I found that I could get rid of my acne and clear my complexion just by eliminating some items from my diet.á I strongly recommend you give this treatment option a try because it won't cost you a thing and your skin will respond almost immediately.
So what foods did I eliminate to clear my complexion and get rid of my acne?á Dairy was the biggest with red in a close second.á The human body was just not designed to digest cow's milk and cow's are also injected with tons of hormones and antibiotics throughout their lives, both of which are why these foods should be eliminated as much as possible from your diet.
These hormones and antibiotics interfere with our body, causing it to overproduce androgens, which in turn are what set off acne breakouts.á I learned I could get rid of whiteheads and clear my complexion by allowing the body to catch up to all the excess toxins it had stored in the body and clear them away naturally.á This really is the key to get clear skin.á Once the toxins are eliminated, the excess androgens will stop being made, which will cause the skin on your face to revert back to it's normal, pimple free self.
Our bodies have become overwhelmed over the years by toxins we have been ingesting the entire time.á We have unknowingly caused our acne breakouts and the only method to get rid of whiteheads and get clear skin is to bring your body back into balance and allow it to heal your skin itself.á I've tried all the gels and creams and the only way I found that could get rid of my acne was to let my body heal me from the inside out.

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Once I found out why typical treatments would never get rid of my acne, I could finally focus on methods that did work. I learned how to get rid of my acne and you can too. There's no reason why anyone should have to suffer from breakouts anymore. Treat your real acne problems and you'll finally have the clear skin of your dreams.

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