How DHEA Works To Balance Hormone Levels

By: Robert Thomson

The DHEA supplement by Vitabase contains DHEA of course, which is a hormone that is produced naturally within the body by the adrenal glands. The body needs to use DHEA to create both male and female hormones, which are known as testosterone and also estrogen. Normally, DHEA levels in the body are at their peak points around the ages between twenty and twenty five. After that, they begin to drop as the years pile up and age increases. So what are the risks of low DHEA levels as we begin to age and they begin to drop? Some common diseases found in individuals with abnormally low levels are heart disease, diabetes, and also kidney disease just to name a few. This specific supplement has a suggested dosage of just one 1 capsule taken on a day to day basis and with that formula also comes the ability of DHEA to aid in the struggle for anti-aging and overall well being. It is always recommended that you consult with your doctor or health care provider before taking a strong and potent supplement such as DHEA because it can positively affect the hormone levels in the body at a high level of effectiveness. It works for muscle building and also to support healthy mood levels and the proper dosage is suggested in all cases to ensure that precautions taken can result in the best benefits. Many are quite unaware of their low levels of DHEA even though it affects the majority of us during different stages of life. Supplementing with a DHEA formula such as this one that is produced by Vitabase can help support a healthy mood hormone balance in the body and restore our well being to a more youthful and vigorous state; this in turn can help to continue and increase the ability to engage in physical activity and keep hormone levels in line so that many other reoccurring problems can be avoided as you begin to age. Do not worry for another day about how your age increase will affect you in a negative manner; instead, supplement with this DHEA product and watch as your body benefits over time and becomes more energetic and young feeling again.

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