How Can You Make Innovative Text Based Food Catering Logos Designs?

By: rita summers

Most people still prefer text based designs for their brand marks for their business marks instead of using imagery.

Ever wondered why that is?

The reason why text based logos are so popular is because they are simple and elegant.

But using only your company name in your food catering logos can be a little boring and generic, right?

How can you add a little imagination to the basic text based logos?

Even if you use text based emblems for your brand mark, you can still add a little air of innovation with the help of small effects.

Here are few such ideas through which you can add zest to your boring old text trademark.

• Use small symbols of kitchen cutlery to make up your company initial:

If you want to use the company initial in your brand mark but want to make it unique and interesting then here’s an idea for you. You can use small images of kitchen cutlery items like forks, spoons and knives and use them to make a big image of the first letter of your corporation. On the first glance, it will look ordinary to your viewers, but at careful inspection they will notice that the letter is actually made up of small intricate images adding a distinctive touch to your trademark.

• Make use of the blank or neutral spaces wisely:

Another clever way to add uniqueness to your design is to make use of blank spaces wisely. If your brand mark consists of your business name, then to make it more interesting, add small symbols or images in the name. For example, you can use script font style if there is a letter G in your trademark and use a spaghetti strip creatively in the letter. You can do the same for ‘&’. Does your company name have a ‘O’? Then why not use make it look like an apple. Does it have the letter I? Then you can use a red cherry as the dot of the letter ‘I’. Making clever use of spaces makes your logo easily memorable for the customers and adds an air of exclusivity.

• Use abstracts to make sure that your customers ‘feel’ your brand mark:

There’s a famous saying that action speaks louder than words. But how do you make your customers feel it? Let me give you an example. If your business name is something like ‘hot from the oven’ then you can use abstracts of smoke to add a touch of reality to your catering logos design. If the name is something like ‘on the wheels’ then you can add abstracts of speed in the design. Use abstracts to make your emblem life-like.

In a nutshell, even if it’s a boring old text based design, you can still add creativity to your trademark. You just need to get your creative cells charging after which a world filled with ideas and inspirations will be open to you.

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Rita Summers works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on food catering logos find her competitive rates at catering logos design.

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