How Can I Make My Penis Bigger

By: Mr. Ahmad

The answer for me was found in a tale I read lately. It was about some guy who had a small penis and made it much bigger. He inspired me to both write this article, and make my penis bigger.

Like this guy, I was born with a smaller than average. From what I can render out my penis was not as tiny as his, but it was still pretty small, and had caused me discomfort all my life. His story basically explains how his tiny penis had affected his life, and how much he feels about himself when he has a bigger penis. Something about his fiction rang true to me, I ended up coming his advice, and till now I'm a happy man!

What surprised me about the process I used to make my penis bigger, it was so easy. It's all basically widespread sense principles, and a very logical solution to an embarrassing problem. All it took was a few minutes of my time each day - and that's it - my life is happier now!

So can I make my penis bigger :
Within the penis there are two chambers, which hold blood designated the Corpus Cavernosum. It is here that ninety % of the blood flowing to the penis is stored, each time you get an erection. The size of your penis is hence largely determined by the capacity of your Corpus Cavernosum. To cause your penis permanently bigger you need to improve the Corpus Cavernosum, enabling them to hold more blood, and so grant you an enlarged one. This is most effective attained by performance manual penis exercises on a systematic basis.

If someone today ask me "can I make my penis bigger" I would have to utter it's virtually impossible for the penis to grow by itself while the blood which is flowing into it filling the Corpus Cavernosum to its maximum size already. The key to enlargement is to increase the capacity of your Corpus Cavernosum, your penis will thereafter hold more blood - acting your bigger. I think this is the reason why penis enlargement pills do not work. Enlargement pills can't enhance your Corpus Cavernosum, but devices only work on a provisional basis, since you can make penis bigger permanently!

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