How Can Bumper Stickers Printing Help in Business?

By: Jossh Ray

They are actually labels or stickers with a message, many times used on the bumpers of automobiles that can be read by pedestrians and peoples on other automobiles. Bumper stickers are usually 30 cm by 8 cm long and are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC).

Bumper stickers are used for various purposes, for example religious, political, commercial, in support for a particular team or business. In many countries, bumper stickers are used to support a candidate or party for government elections. They can also be used to show one’s affiliation for someone. Nowadays, one of the most widely used bumper stickers are country tags, people use country tags to show their love for country. Also different car manufacturing companies use country tags over its cars when crossing international borders which are administered by UN (United Nations) as “Distinguishing signs of vehicles in international traffic” approved by GENEVA CONVENTION (1949). Because of rapid climatic changes day to day due to global warming, it must be assured that custom bumper stickers are well adhered to bumpers. Some bumper stickers are removed easily whereas others are removed using penetrating oil and heat gun. Also, many paint thinners can be used to remove bumper stickers at home.

Bumper stickers look professional and good. Many teens today have craze of using lots of bumper stickers on their car to make it look more like a sports car. Bumper stickers not only make your car look trendy but it also helps many companies in advertising and marketing. They are willing to offer handsome amount of money for the ad many people use bumper stickers also to hide certain scratches or dents. This multipurpose sticker is widely used all over the world. It is seen that in many sports races, sports cars uses many bumper stickers over the car which illustrate their sponsors or owners. Bumper stickers are also widely used for quotations, symbols or showing one’s beliefs or interest. One can also observe many bumper stickers like trophy signs of WWII airplanes. It is said that the first widespread use of bumper sticker printing was found in “See Rock City”. In 1940s, stickers were applied to tourist’s cars which duplicated the famous signs that were painted on roof barns in USA. The staff of Rock city used to circulate around the parking lots to apply these stickers. These were very light-weight cardboard and were attached using thin aluminum strips that ran through the end of sign and wrapped around the bumper.

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