How Black Truffles Can Create a Meal for Every Taste

By: Rubel Zaman

If you have just purchased yourself a batch of fresh black truffles, you might be wondering how best to eat these rare and delicious mushrooms. You can always enjoy the gorgeous taste of a truffle alone through several conventional cooking methods, but more often than not you will find that a truffle tastes much better when it is mixed to a pre-existing meal in which the taste of the other ingredients is greatly complimented.

If you are unsure of what meals will result in such a fantastic explosion of tastes, here is a list of some of the most commonly made truffle meals.

Black Truffles with Fresh Pasta

Pasta is a main ingredient and staple of modern cooking. When combined with a truffle it forms what is commonly the most regularly enjoyed of truffle servings. If you have never made a truffle based meal before, this is a good place to start as the full taste of the truffles will not be overtly mixed with other similarly strong ingredients. A black truffle with fresh pasta is a simple, quick and delicious serving perfect for any occasion.

Black Truffle Risotto

Another popular dish which can be given a new centered ruffle twist is a risotto. Your dinner guests will be floored by the sensuous taste that a black truffle adds to the various spices that goes into preparing a traditional risotto. The incredible taste of a black truffle risotto is made even more luxurious when served with a dry white wine.

Black Truffle Lobster and Avocado salad

Truffles need not be the dominant ingredient of a meal. On the contrary, they can simply act as the garnishing on a dish to give an additional hint of flavor to surprise those who eat it. A meal like black truffle lobster and avocado salad is already bursting with flavors, but those palates can always be accentuated and complimented by black truffles’ unmistakable original flavor.

Black Truffle Soufflé
Truffles are not ingredients solely intended for a main course. Far from it, they actually create equally delicious deserts too, and none is more exquisite than black truffle soufflé. A very simple recipe, black truffles prove that a ‘less is more’ effect is often the correct approach as the adding of a small amount of truffle to a traditional soufflé can transform it to contain an incredible new taste that will mesmerize your guests at any dinner party.

If you are uncertain about adding using some of your precious truffle stash to just any recipe, why not first add some truffle oil to get an idea of the taste it will give. All quality truffle oil is made with genuine truffle extract that can prepare you for adding the full ingredient later. offers luxury truffles fresh from the most natural and finest regions of Italy, and also provides full details of all the above recipes to aid your cooking.

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However you cook black truffles, you will find they are given an extra exquisite boost of flavour when they are mixed with truffle oil which is specifically designed to complement any truffle meal.

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