How Bad Teeth can Affect My Career?

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You know you are highly qualified for all the jobs that you have applied for. Your credentials and work experiences can attest to this. But why do your cracked teeth keep companies from hiring you? How bad teeth can affect my career, you ask.

You cannot apply for any job you want.

Hiring managers will not only look into your credentials but they will also take your overall appearance into consideration. Your smile means a lot to them particularly if the job requires that you attend a lot of business meetings and talk with clients face-to-face. Selling or closing a deal is not possible with your broken or crooked teeth. No one will take interest in your sales talk. Hurtful as it may seem, but you have to realize that no one will even care to give you a second look with your bad-looking teeth.

You lose the interest of interviewers.

When they talked to you over the phone and invited you for interview, they seemed to be highly interested in you. But didn’t you remember their common reaction the first time they saw you? They seemed to look into your teeth while shaking your hands. When the interview started, they appeared to pay no attention in what you are saying. They just kept on browsing your resume as it was the one talking. You knew right then and there that you will not receive a call for second or final interview.

Your confidence drops every time hiring managers look into your face.

Some hiring managers may not show you how disappointed they are seeing your teeth. They will continue with the interview and ask you usual questions. However, their eyes do not leave your face. You are not sure if they are listening to everything that you say or they are only checking how bad your teeth appear to be. What you are certain of is that you immediately feel conscious about it and you begin to lose your confidence and your speech is affected. Suffice to say, you lose the job. Now, do you still have to ask “How bad teeth can affect my career?”

You Need a Smile Makeover!

Never fret because you still have the power to change your fate. You can go back and apply to them after a few months but first you have to pay your dentist a visit. Ask him the same question and he or she will offer you explanations similar to the ones mentioned above. After this, he or she will relate to you the solutions: invisalign, dental implants and others. Never mind the cost because you will earn more than what you have paid for soon as you get hired and soon as you are able to establish your career.

After the makeover, there is no use to asking “How bad teeth can affect my career?” You will already feel the improvement in your self-esteem. You can smile and speak confidently. Now you know there is no reason for you not to have the job that you want.

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