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Travelling is all about experiencing a different place and a new culture. While you can get a taste of this experience by taking a traditional vacation, you can't truly uncover a location's heartbeat. To do this you need to peel away the typical tourist surface layers and head into local territory. New York is one of those cities that has a vibrant culture influenced by years of immigrants from all around the world. Much of this influence is still evident in the city's many neighbourhoods, places rarely explored by a tourist. A New York house swap holiday is the only way to do this without making a permanent move to the city itself and living rent free. We are certain you will not regret taking a home exchange vacation in this fascinating city.

New York Neighbourhoods
New York's five boroughs all have something unique to offer. The Bronx is home to New York's famous Bronx zoo. The borough grew greatly when a stream of Irish, Jewish, German, and Italian immigrants settled there, followed by those from Latin America and African Americans. It is truly a melting pot of cultures and people. Today it is a mixture of wealthy and very poor neighbourhoods. The best places for a home swap New York in the Bronx are Riverdale, Morris Park, and Fieldstone. In recent years the Bronx has been going through a process of revitalisation, mixing the grit of an urban landscape with a fresh modern look.

Brooklyn started off as a small Dutch settlement and was made part of New York City in 1898. Brooklyn's neighbourhood's, like all of New York, has been influenced by numerous cultures, including Irish, African American, Pakistani, and Jewish. The neighbourhood's most influenced by African American culture are Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville. For Russian and Ukrainian culture visit Brighton Beach. For great pizza spend time in the Italian enclaves of Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. The biggest Jewish community can be found in Borough Park.

Manhattan is the modern heart of New York city and where tourists tend to spend most of their time. It has the United States highest cost of living and is one of the wealthiest populations. It is a centre of culture, business, and shopping. Getting a house swap holiday New York here will certainly give you a taste of the high life.

Queens is the largest New York borough with nearly half of its population having been born outside of the United States. This makes Queens incredibly culturally diverse. Many Queens neighbourhoods are like ideal suburban towns with detached houses complete with manicured yards, such as Bayside and the leafy Forest Hills Gardens. Italian neighbourhoods include Whitestone and Howard Beach. For an Irish American experience check out Rockaway Beach. Ridgewood and Maspeth have a distinct eastern European community, while Asian culture can be found in Jackson Heights, Flushing, and Woodside.

Staten Island is probably the least urban New York borough. Here you'll find good examples of its colonial past, such as the Historic Richmond Town Museum and Voorlezer's House. You can experience suburban bliss, plenty of wildlife, a cultural influence, and only be a short ferry journey from the buzz of Manhattan. Today, Staten Island has large Russian, Polish, Sri Lankan, and Mexican American communities.

As you can see New York has a lot to offer. By staying in one of its many culturally diverse neighbourhoods with a home exchange vacation, you will see the city in a completely different way. All this while exploring both local gems and major attractions, such as the Empire State Building, a Broadway show, the Guggenheim Museum, or Rockefeller Center. You shouldn’t pay exorbitant amounts of money on accommodation when you have the possibility to enjoy a house swap holiday. With this in mind you can go ahead and make the most of your home exchange vacation.

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It is well-known that travelling to New York and staying there for a few days is quite expensive. If you cannot afford to spend a small fortune on accommodation you should start planning a house swap holiday. Visit us now for more information on home exchange vacation.

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