Hotspots A "Hot Option" During The Rise Of Online Video Advertising

By: Laura Thornquist

Internet researcheráeMarketer says Internet video grew 125% in 2008 over 2007.á And according to the study, over the next four years, advertising from Internet video will still see big growth, climbing at an average of 40% per year.á
So it's no secret that a growing number of advertisers are trying to reach the online video audience.á áBut the economic realities have made it hard for advertisers to invest in creative that is specifically made for online.á Instead, they simply use their TV ad.á Yet, advertisers are starting to realize the ads that work on TV don't translate well into online space because of the lack of interactivity.áá That's because online viewers are housed in an environment where they can engage with a brand or characters through quizzes, forums and promotions.á
Perhaps one of the easiest online technologies that is leading the way in increasing interactivity in online video while keeping costs down is hotspots. Hotspots take product placement to the next level by allowing viewers to interact directly with the content.
In addition, hotspots don't have to cost a lot in building creative content.á Previous content can be used and consumers can interact with the video by clicking on products and items in the videos to get more information, view testimonials or get great deals!
Consider this, asking the online viewer to watch your online video ad and then have the option to learn more information, take part in a quiz or search for coupons cleverly embedded in the video?á Talk about interaction!á
As a marketing specialist, consumer and a savings blogger, this economy is forcing even the wealthiest to look at savings deals.á Coupons are the new currency of this economy. Those advertisers that are offering savings, coupons and rebates are getting repeat business.á To ask a consumer to spend time learning more about a product or service through online video with an opportunity to interact and a potential to save money seems to be a winning combination, especially in this economic environment.
There are, of course, so many other online video options that aren't pricey including personalized videos and testimonials, but during this economic time, everyone is looking for a deal.á The advertiser wants to save on advertising and the consumer wants to save on products.á In my opinion, this is a win-win relationship during these financial roller-coaster times.
About the author:
Laura Thornquist is an online marketing/PR specialist for, a commercial internet and video marketing company dedicated to small-and medium-sized businesses.á She is also a former TV news journalist and a hobby savings blogger.

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