Hotel Furniture Can be Stylish as Well as Functional

By: Dahlhauser Quave

The UK is one of the most visited vacation spots for those who travel abroad. Should not the hotels bring the elegance of the country to the forefront, after all is that not where the visitor will make their first assessment as to the luxury and style of the area that is being visited?

A cheap and simple decorum will not suffice in today's world. Hotels must provide hotel furniture that is both stylish and functional. Such a task can be accomplished and should be the goal of any creditable establishment.

Can the cost of revamping the hotel furniture to a more stylish feel be kept within a reasonable margin? Yes, with the price per night ranging from ?80 to ?300+ a slight increase in price to cover the costs could be done without causing client hostility. Some hotel furniture can be acquired as low as ?400 per suite. Such a cost can easily be covered.

When one looks to the various hotel furniture that is available, one will see that there have been tremendous advances in the design quality of those furniture pieces. Wooden hotel furniture has gained curves and elegance to bring a feel of luxury to the room. Tables and chairs have been transformed from cheap mass production filler pieces into eye catching metal works of art.

It is true that some hotel furniture retains the stereotypical boxy low cost look and that all hotels cannot update every piece of furniture that is owned. The solution is to modify the already existing furniture so that it appears to be more stylish and new. Beds can be adorned with sheets that have a more contemporary feel. The flower and neutral coloured comforters are a thing of the past. Visitors now crave variety and excitement. One would not advise to go with too bold a choice of colours but a change of style to something more artistic such as a nice black and white fleur de lis pattern would suffice. Chairs can have throw pillows added at a considerably lower cost, and tables can be covered with a stylish lace. Adding style does not have to be an overly expensive endeavour for the hotel seeking to add style to their hotel furniture.

Apart from enhancing the bedroom's appearance, a hotel can add a very positive impact to its perceived level of style by simply updating the lobby. The amount of hotel furniture a lobby possesses is usually limited to a few couches, some table stands, and perhaps a coffee table of two. A hotel that invests in stylish furniture here will set the stage for a reputation of being a stylish hotel. Such additions as a tasteful rug if the floors are wooden can add tremendously to the overall room's design. If the hotel is not catered to smaller children a coffee table with frosted glass would be within the realm of contemporary luxury.

Regardless of how the final result is achieved, hotel furniture can be stylish as well as functional. There is no need for the hotel to spend excessive funds on vases, pictures, and such that will not be used by the visitor. Nor is it needed to completely renovate the hotel unless the funds and the season permits. Style can be obtained and the function does not have to be sacrificed.

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When visiting somewhere on holiday, the place a person stays can have a very impact on their opinion of the destination. This article discusses how those in the hospitality industry can use stylish and functional hotel furniture in order to give visitors a great travel experience.

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