Horse Riding Equipment – Important Things to Be Included in A Beginner's Kit

By: Michael Cowan

Horse riding is a pleasure. However, you should not take up horse riding without the right equipment. Wrong riding equipment can cause injuries to you and to the horse. In order to prevent injuries, you need the right bridles, reins, bits, saddles and girth. The right equipment helps you control the horse safely.

Equipment needed for riding can be divided into two broad categories – equipment to be fixed on to the horse, and equipment that the rider wears. Read on below for a brief description about each of the equipment.

Equipment fitted to the horse

A 'bit' is essentially equipment that is passed through the horse's mouth. It is fixed to the 'bridle'. 'Reins', which are the ropes that you hold in your hand and use to control the horse, are attached to the bridle. When the bit, bridle and reins are proper, you can control the horse in the best possible manner. The horse is also comfortable and responds to your instructions well.

The 'saddle' is the seat for the rider. It is fixed on the horse's back. It provides good support for your body and a place to firmly place your legs while riding. A 'girth' is used to fix the saddle on the horse's back. It is important for the saddle and girth to be of the best make. You can choose between two types of saddles – Western saddles and English saddles. Between the two, Western saddles are supposedly more comfortable because they have deeper seats. However, the choice is completely yours. 'Stirrups' are also important in your horse riding equipment kit. These help you place your knees firmly at the horse's side and control it better.

The choice of equipment depends on several factors. For one, you should make sure that they are comfortable for you. It is also very important for the horse to be comfortable with the equipment. It becomes easier to manage and steer a horse when you ensure the horse's comfort. You should also ensure that the equipment is of the best quality. For example, poor quality reins might snap when you are riding thereby posing a risk to your safety.

Equipment necessary for your safety and comfort

If your horse is very aggressive and tough to control, you could wish to have a 'whip' or other such controlling equipment. However, good riders do not advocate the use of such force.

Your clothing gear is an important part of your horse riding equipment. Some of the basic things that you need are riding hats, helmets, Jodhpur boots, chaps, riding trousers, waistcoats, and jackets. These accessories, in addition to making you feel comfortable, also keep you safe. For instance, the riding helmet protects your head against injuries in case you fall off the horse.

It is also important for your riding gear to fit you well. If you do not find riding accessories that fit you well, you should order custom gear. If you need a helmet, for instance, the maker takes the measurement of your head and makes a bespoke one.

Equip yourself with the right horse riding equipment and be safe when you ride a horse.

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