Home Remedies And Natural Treatment For Rheumatism

By: Terro Naruka

Lots of people in the world are suffering with rheumatism. It is the most common type of arthritis. Rheumatism is a harsh disease related to joints. A person suffering with rheumatism has painful swelling and inflammation at one or more joints.

There may be various symptoms of rheumatism. It includes stiffness of the neck, stiffness of the jaw; loss of the sense of taste, hands and feet paralysis, etc. When the joint becomes misshapen and twisted, then it is called as rheumatoid arthritis. When you wake up in the morning, you feel stiffness and severity in the fingers and hands. The common causes of rheumatism are eating stale and fried food, gathering of toxins in the body, feeling cold, uproar, nervousness, sorrow, gonorrhea, fear, excessive bleeding, getting saturated with water, over-indulgence in sex, impure teeth, germs of various diseases, doing any business against your desires, keeping awake during nights, getting hurt, restraining the natural pressures, over-erection, obesity, and deposition of uric acid in the joints.

There are some other natural treatments and home remedies for rheumatism, which are stated here.

1. Onion: You should mix onion juice and mustard oil in equal amount and use the mixture for massaging the painful parts as a natural treatment for rheumatism.

2. Fenugreek: You should immerse 4 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water for a night. Then strain them in the morning and heat the water to some extent and drink it as a good home remedy for rheumatism.

3. Caraway seeds: You should take a tablespoon of ground caraway seeds and mix salt it is for taste. You should take it with warm water in the every morning on empty stomach. It will be beneficial for treatment of rheumatism.

4. Honey: you should take enough amount of honey over a long period. It is highly beneficial to reduce pain in the joints and acts as a good home remedy for rheumatism.

5. Basil: You should boil the basil leaves in water and, vapor and wash the painful parts of the body with the hot water. Basil is a good home remedy for rheumatism.

6. Ashwagandha: you should crush ashwagandha and loaf sugar in equal amount and mix them. You should take 3 tablespoons of this mixture at every morning and evening with milk. It is one of the best home remedies for rheumatism.

7. Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil oil: Rumoxil capsule and Rumoxil oil are the best natural treatments for rheumatism. Both of these products are purely made of those natural herbs which are very effective for treating rheumatism and have no side effects.

Along with the use of Rumoxil capsules, Rumoxil oil and other home remedies and natural treatments for rheumatism, the patient should consider some other things also. The patient should avoid pickles, curd, tamarind, vinegar and other sour items. If the patient likes butter-milk, then he can take some butter-milk but it should not be sour. The patient should not use very hot spices and chilies. He can use medium hot spices such as black pepper, dried ginger, cloves, cumin seeds, and cinnamon. The diet should include green vegetables, fruits and blood- purifying food items. He should take foods rich in nutrients and minerals. For treating rheumatism intake of sprout is also beneficial. Massage, steam-bath, sweating and fomentation are also beneficial in naturally treating rheumatism.

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