Home Loan Modifications Have Myths and Misunderstandings

By: Walter Sigmore

There is a cloud looming around the topic of home loan modifications. Homeowners may think they do not qualify for a modified loan because of inaccurate information they may have heard. It is not as difficult, although there are several requirements, to apply and possibly obtain a loan modification.

Below you will find some myths about home loan modification and what the real answers are. Homeowners have nothing to fear, if it will keep them in their homes.

MYTH: It doesn't matter what your mortgage payment history includes, homeowners are eligible for home loan mod: There are several criteria a homeowner needs to meet to be eligible for home modified loan. If you qualify for refinancing, then you are not eligible for a home modification process. Refinancing is saying that you are in not as much of a financial problem as someone applying for a modified loan, whether this is accurate or not. For loan modification you need to be in severe financial crisis because of any of or a combination of their income, climbing debt, job loss, etc. To qualify it is important to prove you are really unable to make your mortgage rate as it is currently.

MYTH: Being late on your mortgage payment qualifies you for a modified loan:
You, the homeowner, do not need to be late, but it really helps catch the attention of the lender. Lenders have many homeowners who they are trying to keep an eye on, and it is difficult, so someone who is late catches their eyes quickly. Being late can help suggest to the lender to move a modification forward.

MYTH: It is expensive to apply for a home loan modification:
Homeowners need to be informed of all their options on firms in their area and look around at all the possible firms in their area. Like anything else, there are expensive and cheaper options. Some firms are even available that do not charge for an initial service or until the loan modification application is approved.

MYTH: Your not so good credit score disqualifies you for a loan mod:
Applying for modified loan is not applying for a new loan/refinancing, it is making an adjustment to the loan to help fit the financial situation of the homeowner. If a homeowner has not so great credit, then they may be able to improve their credit because they are making regular, smaller payments on their mortgage.

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