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By: Greg Lezin

There has been a phenomenal change in economy in last decade. Almost every thing has changed; peopleís income, spending power, their priorities, businesses and their profits, even the way of doing business has also changed. Instead of being able to mint money in terms of profit margins, businesses are not facing severe cut-throat price competition. It has become difficult for businesses to survive. This has resulted in many job cuts and layoffs. Many employees are jobless now. This complete scenario is a perfect situation for the rise of a CHANGE.

This huge change compelled the business owners and the employees to find a way out to get rid of this miserable condition. It demanded a setup where 1. Customer rules the market. 2. Companies start making profits. 3. People who have been laid off; again get employment or source of income. 4. And the entire set up should be profitable for all the parties to trade ie the customer, business houses and the people working for the businesses. This gave rise to the adoption of an old concept of direct selling in a newer way. This might sound unrealistic but if you putting the pieces of direct selling in place, you will see the entire setup starts falling in place. Direct selling is the only tool that meets all the above requisites and helps the entire economy to turn around.

Direct selling is a pill which will fight all the sickness in the industries. When ever we talk about selling, it does not give a very pleasant feeling at the first sight but if you change your approach towards it, you will see that direct selling is THE solution. Companies will benefit because they will not have to spend a huge amount as salary, which is a fixed liability burden on them and the biggest factor responsible for decreasing the companies profit margins. Consumers will benefit because when the product is been sold directly to the end user by the company, it becomes less expensive as they donít have to pay for retailers, distributors, advertising etc margins. So they get the same product for lesser price as compared to buying the same product from a retail store.

Person who will receive the highest benefit from the entire set up of direct selling is; the sales person. Because of the price benefit, the product will always be in demand. You will not have to sell it, you just have to become a medium between the company and the end user. The set up give complete freedom to choose: when, where and how much you want to work. You do not have any sales target and pressure. You are your own boss. Your earning are directly related to your efforts. Direct selling can make you an entrepreneur from an employee. This is the power of direct sales. This creates a win-win situation for all. And more over you donít need to spend for owning your own office in-spite of the fact that you are an entrepreneur now, you can enjoy all these benefits by working from your home.

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I am a Independent Marketing Director and founder of Newwealthnetworks.com, I have lived in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the last twelve years living a the deam. I have been an successful electrical contractor for twenty five years. But due to the economic down turn I was effected. So it was time for a change, so I had to reinvent myself.www.newwealthnetworks.com.

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