Holistic Workout Supplementation Pays off

By: Peter Roseberg

You’ll often hear the term ‘post and pre-workout’ supplementation tossed around the gym as the secret to achieving program goals. Fitness trainers are even keen on these as essential parts of diet plans, especially for those aiming to have leaner and larger physiques in record time. Pre-workout supplements enhance your energy levels and provide nutrients that sustain you through your session. If you consider a cup of coffee as your shortcut to mental alertness, then a good pre-workout supplement can provide the focus and burst of physical strength your regimen needs. Post-workout supplements, on the other hand, replenish your body’s spent nutrients, enough to aid in recovery and restoration.

Pre-workout Supplements for Immediate Boost

Pre-workout supplements contain stimulant compounds by default, but the best ones offer added nutrients for better absorption and metabolism. Your body needs a jumpstart of energy to ensure your pumps are consistent and efficient, and you can’t do that on days with reduced drive and motivation. A good pre-workout supplement should provide the right combination of stimulants and nutrients so you don’t have to sweat out the excess once you’ve met your daily target at the gym. Your current health also factors into your daily intake, since these increase heart rate beyond the normal. Take pre-workout supplements under the supervision of your fitness trainer or your doctor, as precaution and for best results.

Post-workout Supplements for Immediate Restoration

Post-workout supplements vary in formulations, but you’ll often find a bottle of protein shake on every bodybuilder’s rucksack. If there’s one thing an hour of intense exercise does to your body, then it has to be the onset of muscle fatigue. You may gape at the difference pumped routines make after each session, as evidenced by noticeably bigger and leaner muscles. There’s the aftermath and recovery, though; your body will feed on glycogen reserves to rebuild muscle mass, so your biceps may not look as impressive the morning after your session. Growth is stunted unless you immediately replace spent amino acids and glycogen, and a heaping bottle of protein shake should be enough. Most protein supplements offer whey powder as concentrated source. Consume a serving an hour before and after sessions to maximize its benefits.

Intra-workout Supplements Tide You through Each Routine

Intra-workout supplements are often considered as an afterthought, especially when you’re already enjoying the boost pre-workout supplements provide. It turns out routines wear down on your muscles immediately after the first set, even as you relax and brace for the next. You have to keep muscle breakdown at a minimum during the workout, but you’re only allowed to consume so much protein supplements in one sitting. This is where intra-workout supplements are helpful, packed with plenty of branch-chain amino acids that aid in continued muscle restoration.

Intra-workout supplements should be free from extenders, sugar, and fat. You’ll be consuming each serving in small sips throughout the session, but you can also take it alongside your pre-workout supplement and ride the boost to the last routine. Varieties like Scivation Xtend offer enough nutrients in one serving, with different dosing recommendations for different workout goals. With all things considered, your workout supplementation should be holistic. You can’t afford to skip on the opportunity to replenish your body’s spent reserves, whether you want to stay buff and bulky or lean and fit.

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