Holiday Planning - Entertaining & Sleeping Your Guests

By: Philip Pendleton

Perhaps you have holiday guests staying with you this year. It’s actually not uncommon to have family or friends who come and visit from other states save the cost of a hotel by staying in a spare room or guest room in your home. After all, that turkey, pie and stuffing may require some people to be able to sleep it off. A nice comfortable bed may be exactly what your guests will need.

So have you planned ahead for the holidays? Planning may include having enough seating for guests. Purchasing enough food and beverages for your family and friends. Having activities or games planned for the kids or adults. The most important being will people be staying at your home. Finding things for everyone to do will help keep the holiday activities interesting and fun.

Planning the food for a holiday event especially when there are many guests coming can be quite overwhelming. The best thing to help keep your gathering easier to handle is making sure that you have several friends or family members willing to assist you with getting the meal ready and prepared. Preparing food, laying it out and then managing the dishes after the meal can be a lot of work. Just be sure that you have help to keep things from getting overwhelming.

Another thing to think about is where people will be sleeping if visiting from out of town. Out of town visitors have several options available to them when visiting. They may choose to stay in a hotel during their visit. However, if you have a spare room you may choose to have your guests stay with you. If this is the case you may want to setup a bed for their stay. You have several options but if space is limited you may need a bed that provides storage space for your spare room.

Platform beds offer several functions not only for master bedrooms but for spare rooms and guest rooms alike. These beds feature space beneath the bed which provide various options for both storage and under bed drawers. You may not have dressers, chests or other case goods in your spare room and if this is the case alternative storage can be found. Since platform beds are designed to be higher up in design they will offer storage space beneath the bed for luggage, bedding, clothes or any number of other things.

When finishing the planning for your holiday event be sure that both you and your guests have agreed on a time frame for dining and entertainment. This is especially helpful if your guests are coming from different time zones. It might be quite odd to some if you’re living in California and serving a holiday dinner at 5pm Pacific Time yet your guests are coming in from a time zone three hours ahead of yours which would make it seem like 8 pm to them. Discussing dinner times and planning this ahead is sure to help both you and guests make the adjustment better.

In this article we’ve talked a little about holiday planning. Much of this discussion included making sure to plan for the quantity of food based on the number of guests. Making sure that you have activities or games planned for both kids and adults alike to help pass the time. Your holiday planning should also include making sure you have family or friends to assist in preparing and cleaning up before and after the meal. Doing this all by your self could be quite overwhelming and having help will make this much easier. Make sure you have a place for guests to sleep should they be staying with you. Platform beds can offer great sleeping arrangements as they also have space below to provide additional storage space for your guests. Holidays are a great time for the gathering of family and friends and planning ahead will help everyone have a fun and enjoyable visit.

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