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By: Sam Smiith

Live crickets are very versatile insects and are the most common feeder insects for reptiles and arachnids and small mammals like hedgehogs and hamsters as well as for pet birds like finches. Fruit Fliesare fastened to a hook with a small rubber band and used to catch fishes in ponds, lakes and streams. A Fruit fly is a relative of the fly. But unlike the structure of a fly, it has bright red eyes and has black rings obliquely on its abdomen. The body is yellowish brown in colour.

Many people wonder on what is the right diet for their beloved pet bearded dragon and if they can feed the bearded dragon meal worms instead of crickets. People run around more than a few pet shops asking these questions and all of them reply with a positive stating that feeding Cricketsand greens is no problem for a bearded dragon. However, the truth is no, you cannot use mealworms instead of crickets. Mealworms are too hard for bearded dragons to digest and cause impaction which causes death for a bearded dragon. You have to feed crickets, not mealworms to your beloved bearded dragon. Of course, a pet shop employee would tell you to buy mealworms since they are told to tell the customer whatever they have to, to get them to buy something. They thrive in deserts, grasslands and woodlands in both unpopulated and populated areas. It is said by many herpetologists who have come across Bearded dragon in the wild, that one can walk right up to one and the little guy would not mind and possibly even pick it up with little or no fuss being raised by the animal. Bearded dragon’s temperament is extremely docile and trusting, therefore making it an excellent pet - even for children and beginners. The adults can reach up to approximately 2ft in length, with the average being 18 - 20 inches. Hatchlings are approximately 3 to 4 inches in length (head to tail) and should be 5-6 inches at the end of their first month. By the end of their second month, Bearded dragon should be at least 6-7 inches in length with considerable more body weight. It is found that with proper care and a little luck, Bearded dragon can reach 9 inches within 2 months, with the average being 8 inches. From 2 - 6 months, we have found the average growth rate to be approximately 1/2 inch a week, with some weeks being 1 inch or more to 1/4 inch or less.

The larvae of the meal worms hatch out from their eggs, eat away everything and grow very quickly and change into a pupa. The larvae then go through a number of stages called ‘instars’ for moulting of newer skins every time. Meal worms are very important for the global environment for recycling of organic matter. Super worms are the larvae of a species known as darkling beetle. They are about 1.5 to 2.25 inches long and look like huge mealworms. They are a delicious diet for lizards, birds, frogs, salamanders and other insectivorous. Arachnids and other predatory insects do not eat super worms because of their outer hard chitin.

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