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This is one part of a beauty pageant event that must be top notch and professional. The audience and the contestants all depend on a clear and understandable emcee to keep them abreast of what is center stage

If the lights are sub-par then radiantly beautiful women will sprout dark shadows on their faces in a less than appealing way. One sure way to ruin your pageant is to let uncle TaNoose do it for free because he has a stereo and some garage lights.

Look for a Mobile DJ in your local area. These guys work weddings, banquets, conventions, parties and other events.

Letís look at a list of things to consider:

1 Tell him the size of your audience and the room size to make sure he has enough power to reach everyone without distorting the sound. Will you need a wireless microphone or two? Does he have his own lighting? Try to find one who does and make sure he has enough to provide a soft but bright light for the entire stage area and the emcee podium.

2 Give him a very detailed run down of the pageant schedule so he can smoothly switch from microphone to music.

3 Donít assume they know what you want. They will get paid, so they work for you. Tell them what the appropriate attire will be for your pageant and volume for your audience.

4 Give them the music you have selected for your opening, transitions and closing. Contestants will sometimes have songs that they will use if you have a talent part of your pageant. Entertainers will also have backing tracks to perform with.

5 Tell them what you want them to do, and not do.
Will they just play music or will they occasionally make

6 Decide where they DJ audio/video equipment will be set up. Their location must not interfere with the view of the audience. They will know where they need to be in relation to the stage for them to perform properly.

7 Do they have experience working with photographers and videographers? Videographers will sometimes want an audio feed from the sound booth. Give your videographer and DJ/sound people each others phone numbers or emails to work out the details before the event.

8 Let them know how far in advance of the start they need to set up. Can they be there if you have rehearsals before the event?

9 Sign a contract and make sure copies are made right there to keep everybody in agreement. Contracts can always be amended later if necessary, but make sure you both sign the additions.

10 Make sure it is clear who the DJ answers to. Other people may have good intentions but wreck havoc with your event if the DJ thinks they must follow the orders of another person.

Be very clear with everyone involved in the pageant about their roles and the authority structure. You are the boss, you're in charge. But since you can't do everything delegate certain responsibilities to other staff members.

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