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By: Adrian Rocker

A nanny, or a child-minder, is a person who provides services of child care for children in a family. Traditionally, they were servants in wealthy households, reporting directly to the ladies of those houses. Nowadays, like most domestic workers, nannies may live in the house or out of the house, depending on the arrangement they made with their employers. Modern nannies are often professionals with First Aid qualification, certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and they may also have a degree or be extensively trained in child development. In Mississauga, nannies may be found through employment agencies specialised in childcare. To find a nanny in Mississauga, you may also apply online, on specialised websites of the agencies.

A child-minder is expected to care for a child in the home of the child-minder. Whether registration of government is necessary or not depends on the laws in that particular country. Unlike a nanny, the governess is mostly concerned about teaching the children and training them.

A motherís helper is a special kind of nanny in Mississauga. The main tasks for these modern Mississauga nannies are assisting mothers with respect to the chores of their households and also take care of their children. They are supposed to live in the house, but cases when they live out the house are not rare.

The term nurse was common in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. At that time, only females were accepted for most childcare jobs. The nurse was usually a senior member of the staff serving in the household. She was running her own domain, which was a suite of rooms of the great house and was called nursery. The nurse had at least one assistant who was called nursemaid.

Nannies were deeply involved in raising the familyís children and therefore were very appreciated and remembered with a great affection. They were also treated much more kindly than other members of the staff. They were also often kept in the employment of the same family of aristocrats for many years and were taking care of more than one generation of children.

In the colonial era, nannies were a common presence in all households of European colonial empires existing in the world. As a specific feature of the colonial society, administrative officers originating in Europe were entrusting their children to native women for care.

Nannies of those times in colonial empires spent all their lives in their mastersí homes, most often since they were children until their old age and took care of consecutive generations of children. Such nannies were very often coming together with their families from their native countries, accompanying the officers who were getting new positions elsewhere.

Modern times have changed significantly the way these professionals live and work. The position of, for instance, a nanny in Mississauga is that of a respected professional who helps parents to raise their children. There is competition between Mississauga nannies like in any other profession and this is a factor of progress which determines them to provide better services.

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