Hidden Self Improvement Power

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When we look at a certain object, a painting for example – we won’t be able to appreciate what’s in it, what is painted and what else goes with it , if the painting is just an inch away from our face. But if we step back a little further, we’ll have a clearer vision of the whole art work. This is the way we view ourselves. We are too close to see the real meaning of us. We need to step back.

We reach a point in our life when we are ready for change and ready for a whole bunch of information that will help us unlock our self improvement power but something can be right under our nose but we still don’t see it. It sometimes takes overwhelming evidence to get our attention.

Today, Anna thinks Carl hates her. Tomorrow, Patrick walks up to her and tells her he hates her. Anna stays the same and doesn’t mind her what other people say. The next day, she learns that Kim and John also dislike her. Anna will not realize the need for self improvement until the entire community hates her and she is totally alone and in emotional pain.

We learn our lessons when we experience emotional pain. We finally see the warning signs and signals when things get rough and tough.

• .......When do we realize that we need to change diets? When none of our jeans and shirts fit us.

• .......When do we stop eating candies and chocolates? When all of our teeth have rotted?

• .......When do we realize that we need to stop smoking? When our lungs have gone bad?

• .......When do we pray and ask for help? When we are told that we are bankrupt?

The only time most of us ever learn about unlocking our self improvement power is when our personal or business life is crashing and falling apart. We think and feel this way because we are afraid to change even though change becomes more painful the longer we ignore it.

Change will happen, like it or hate it. At one point or another, we are all going to experience different turning points in our life – and most people will eventually unlock their self improvement power. But, not because the world says so, not because our friends are nagging us, but because the pain of doing nothing will become unbearable.

Well balanced people don’t just accept change, they embrace it. Now, you don’t have to feel a tremendous heat before realizing the need for self improvement. Unlocking your self improvement power means unlocking yourself from the cage of thought that says: "its just the way I am." This is such a poor excuse for people who fear and resist change.

Jen repeatedly tells everyone that she doesn’t have the guts to be around groups of people. She heard her mom, her dad, her sister, her teacher tell the same things about her to other people. Over the years, that is what Jen believes. She believes it is her story. And what happens? Every time she is faced with a crowd, at her house, in school, and in the community – she tends to step back or flee. Jen believes her story and she lives it over and over when she is faced with a group situation.

Jen has to realize that she can rewrite her story. Instead of having her story be one of a fearful person, she can realize and live the idea: “I am a confident person and I enjoy mingling with groups of people!”

Self improvement may not be everybody’s favorite word, but if we look at things from a different point of view, we might have greater chances of enjoying the whole step-by-step process instead of dreading the days until we are fully improved.

Three sessions in a week at the gym would result to a healthier life. Reading books instead of watching reality shows on TV will give us a more profound knowledge. Going out with friends and peers will help you take a step back from work and unwind. And, as you are enjoying the whole process of unlocking your self improvement power, you will realize that you are beginning to take things light and becoming happy.

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