Here's Why You Should Think Twice About Joining TVI Express

By: David Michael Wood

TVI Express has hit the market in the USA with a fury and power that is rare in the home business industry. I wanted to take some time to cover some key points on TVI Express simply because I've been asked about it so many times over the last couple of months.

I just wanted to say before we go on that I am not a distributor for TVI Express, and the opinions in this article are my own and are based off of my own research over the last couple of months.

I wanted to take a serious look at TVI Express just because of the amount of income claims and success stories I kept hearing from various distributors when it first hit the USA. People were frantic, calling me and telling me that they would even buy me a position if I would just promise to promote TVI Express to my database.

Well, the problem is that I have a strict policy that I absolutely will NOT promote anything that I don't use myself with absolute confidence, and so I decided to do some research into TVI Express, and quite frankly no amount of hyped out income claims would make me want to be involved with this company. Here's why:

What is TVI Express selling, anyways? The biggest problem I have with TVI Express is that what they're selling isn't very clear. I've talked with a couple of hundred TVI Express reps and I still don't have a clear idea on exactly what they're doing. All I know is that if I get in and get 2 people, I'll make $15,000 (Supposedley).

The first issue that raises a red flag for me looking at opportunities like this is whether or not there is any real value in the product, or if it is just an expensive excuse to pass money around between distributors. If you have a product with REAL value, MLM is an unbelievably profitable, stable industry if you learn how to build an organization right.

At this point in my career, I've seen too many companies go out of business just because they didn't have any real valuable products.

The next question that caught my attention was that I couldn't really tell if TVI Express was a ponzi scheme or an MLM company. This is the biggest issue I have with TVI Express. You see, in order to make money in TVI Express, you've got to 'cycle' through the express board. Every time you 'cycle' you make $15,000. It costs about $250 to get involved in TVI Express, and it's a one time cost. So how do you pay $250, get 2 people to pay $250, and make $15,000?

I have a simple answer for you. The only reason people are making money in TVI Express is because swarms of desperate people are getting involved, and as soon as the growth stops, you'll have no ability to cycle through the express board. Also, the second the crazy growth stops (and it will) there's no consumable product to keep the pay checks coming.

What does this mean for the distributor? Eventually, 99.9% of the people who get involved with TVI express will have no ability to cycle through the express board at all, because the ponzi will become saturated.

So should you seriously consider joining TVI Express? That depends. If you want to make some fast, fickle money that the FTC might sieze from you next month, go for it. Just don't recruit anyone who trusts you.

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This TVI Express Review may have been harsh, but if you want to learn how you can make REAL MONEY in a legitimate Network Marketing company, and how to do it in a way that adds REAL VALUE to your customers, visit David Wood's MLM Secrets now.

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