Herbal Remedies For Painful Periods To Prevent Heavy Bleeding

By: Alton Patrick

The teenagers and the young adults are commonly found to suffer from painful periods. With the growing ages, the menstruation becomes less painful. An anti inflammatory painkiller might ease the pain. But, the perfect reason of this pain is not known. In some cases, women of the ages of 30s to 40s, a trouble is found to be originated in the pelvis. Today herbal remedies for painful periods are very acceptable to the sufferers and in that context Gynex capsules are the best one to combat this awful situation.

Who are the sufferers?

The pain is not same for all women. In some cases it is mild, but in most cases it is too severe for them to serve daily activities. Not only severe pain, heavy bleeding may be experienced along with pain. For the school or college going girls, it is impossible for them to attend their classes. Clinically, the problem is called Dysmenorrhoea. However, Gynex capsules are also helpful to prevent the heavy bleeding problem of women.

Primary Dysmenorrhoea and Secondary Dysmenorrhoea: The former is very common about painful period. And, the latter is caused by the problem of the uterus or pelvis. It is often occurs in the case of women in their twenties.

Though it is essential to consult with a health expert, there are some home remedies that are very helpful.

1. Application of heating pad in the lower abdomen area
2. Doing circular massage mildly with fingertips around the lower abdomen area
3. Drinking of warm beverages
4. Eating light and frequent meals
5. Taking of a diet rich in carbohydrates, but low in sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.
6. Practicing yoga or meditation
7. Consuming over-the-counter anti inflammatory remedy, the day before the period is expected to start, and continue for few days
8. Trying calcium, vitamin B6, magnesium supplements
9. Taking warm baths or showers
10. Walking or exercising regularly, as well as pelvic rocking workouts
11. Losing of weight with regular, aerobic exercise.

The above mentioned home remedies are very much helpful, but the expert also suggests herbal remedies for painful periods and Gynex capsules are accepted choice.

Most of the women suffering from painful menstruation might treat themselves if the pain is mild. Conversely, if the pain is interfering with the normal activities, it needs, taking support of either health expert or any natural remedies to prevent heavy bleeding problem as well as severe menstrual pain.

few tips to get relief during menstrual period: Drink plenty of water. It will help to reduce heavy bleeding problem and menstrual pain experienced during the period of menstruation.

Perform yoga and cardiovascular exercises that will help you get rid of menstrual cramps.

Take enough rest. It will help you to keep menstruation under control.

Overview of the product:

Gynex Capsules: It is one of the best natural supplements in treating painful periods to heavy bleeding problem. Each and every ingredient of Gynex capsules are pure and potent natural herbs. So, they are free from arising any negative side effects. So, women can use it without any hesitation.

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