Herbal Digestive Supplements Prevent Acidity And Constipation Naturally

By: Gordon R Santo

Acidity and constipation are part of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which can cause constipation and at the same time diarrhoea in people. The person suffers from hardening of stool in constipation which restricts its passage, causes obstruction and pain. To prevent constipation it is advised to take diet that can reduce acidity in the digestive tract. Irregular lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits can cause it and its natural treatment involves taking a regulated high fibre diet with laxatives. Herbal digestive supplements prevent acidity and constipation naturally as it is loaded with laxatives and phytocompounds that can restore normal functioning of the digestive tract.

In general, the problem of irregular bowel movement starts with aging. The number of bowel movement reduces in aging people. Although the normal bowel movement in an adult should be between 3 to 21 times a week but sometimes the problem of irregularity in bowel movement persists along with pain and bloating for months. It can also cause rectal bleeding and mental distress along with physical discomfort. In such conditions, it is advised to take cure for regulating digestive functioning of the body and herbal digestive supplements prevent acidity and constipation naturally to prevent constipation.

The herbal capsule Arozyme Capsule contain herbs that not only prevent the problem of constipation but it even regulates bacterial growth in the gut, prevents diarrhoea and reduces bacterial infections in the digestive tract. Herbal digestive supplements offer effortless cure for the problem as it does not have any side effects. Conversely, there are many allopathic medications that can reduce the speed of bowel movement in the digestive tract such as -
1. Antidepressants
2. Anticonvulsants
3. Iron supplements
4. Pain killers
5. Cold and cough medicines
6. Antacids
7. Heart medications or channel blockers

Herbs can work in three ways to regulate digestion as given below -
1. Bulk forming laxatives - Herbal laxatives can use bulk forming method to reduce constipation as some herbs such as fenugreek, flaxseed and barley can soften the stool and prevent pain caused by hardening and reduce pressure on intestinal walls to promote its movement.
2. Stimulants - Some herbs are stimulants that promote movement of bowel by inducing stimulations in intestine. The stimulants make the digestive tract to contract to move the bowel and squeeze it.
3. Saline laxatives - Saline laxatives are also called osmotic laxatives that draw extra fluid into the intestine to soften the stool and flush it out of the colon. The common type of saline laxative is magnesium.

It is important for the body to get vitamins A, D, K and E and taking harsh chemical laxatives can reduce the capability of the body to absorb nutrients naturally from food. Nonetheless, natural laxatives are powerful and do not interfere with body's natural mechanism of digestion. Herbal digestive supplements prevent acidity and constipation naturally as it regulates the pH level of the digestive tract to prevent acidity. Arozyme Capsule is an herbal digestive supplement that contains herbs that restore normal digestion function in body. Also it contains herbs that prevent inflammation, indigestion and bloating.

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